T in the Road

E.M’s Sunday Ramble #24

The T in the Road

It looks like this week’s ramble is a bit thought provoking, on the philosophy side, with a little bit of reflection.

The scenario that E.M put out is:  “In your dream (yeah, I should know a lot about dreams), you are standing at a T in the road. You have to choose which way to go (backward, forward, left, and right). Behind you is something you fear. In front of you is an obvious destiny. To the left is something you really want. To the right is something you really need.”

Well, here are my answers:

  • What is the fear behind you?

When I think of fear some words comes into my mind; “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Why look behind, move forward, the real fear behind you belongs to your adversaries, when your night becomes day, they all will run away.

  • What is the obvious destiny in front of you?

If there is something for me that is obvious then those who see it before I do will tend to sabotage it. Let’s put it this way, People around you have a point of view from the outside, they may notice things about you and the direction that you can go once you look within and realize that the opportunity is there. But until you do, those same external forces will do what they can to mess things up for you.  The sad part is that those external forces that do their best to sabotage you is usually people who you call friends.

  • Would you choose to go back where you came from if the path would bring more good than bad?

I would love to go back and do some things over. Deal with some people how I should have dealt with them from the start and tell certain indivduals my true feelings. But, even if I went back and do some things over, the path will still be unknown until I go down the road.

  • If going forward had a negative consequence on your path, would you consider going forward if it was the path with the most reward than the other directions

For every action, there is a reaction. If I have a goal in mind, then failure is not an option. I’ll move forward and would be ready to accept the negative and navigate through it. Things always gets worse before they get better. Besides, the unknown brings an element of excitement and challenge.

  • After final consideration of all of the paths, which way did you go, and why?

I suppose that going forward to meet my so-called destiny would be the path that I would choose. Moving forward because needs have been fulfilled, and the wants will be fulfilled along the journey. Fear can be used as a driving force, a motivating factor of a consequence that you rather not face.

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