Death Realm

 I’m up state in New York in the Catskill Mountains staying at in a hotel for a couple of days. Last night was off the hook, I was at a bar intending to have one drink and a cigar smoke. Sat down with a couple of buddies, and then some other people came in, which we got to talking with. The next thing you know, one, drink turned into two, two turned into three and so forth, and in turn, one cigar, turned into two, two cigars turned into three.

Well, its all good, especially since I wasn’t the one paying for the drinks. Likewise, somebody else were supplying the cigars. But at least I reached a limit on the cigars since I only smoke them in social gatherings and not as an everyday habit.

After that was over, I went to my room, ate the chicken wings that I had left over and turned in for the night; whatever little time was left until the sun shows up.

After a bit of normal sleep to get the effects of the liquor and cigars to subsize; I decided to listen to on of those entrainment programs to get into a deeper dream state.  

This is when I realized that I forgot my head phones after I picked up my cell phone. Also  that my cell did not have any signal in the hotel building. I tried connecting to the wifi, but for some reason, the phone wouldn’t connect. I wasn’t in the mood to do any troubleshooting right now, I’ll leave that task for later on.  

Well, everything is not lost, I had my laptop with me and my external portable speaker that is blue tooth connected to the lab top. It is much easier to access the hotel’s wifi system through the laptop.  

Now that I’m in the wifi; I went to the youtube account and find the entrainment programs. Well, I guess since I’ve already had a measure of sleep, let’s see if I’m relaxed enough to astral project with the assistance of a binary beat program. It has been a while since I had a regular astral projection experience.

I found some programs, some of them are three hours long. Personally, I’ve never had a projection that lasted more them forty-five minutes. I guess I need to work to improve that, but I settled on a program that was no more then an hour.

The program was put on, and as I was listening to it, I was doing a deep breathing exercise to relax the body.

As the binery beats were playing and coupled with the deep breathing, I must have relaxed quickly, I recognized I was passing through the alpha state because each time I exhaled, I could see some sort of mist.  

Perhaps it was the remaining cigar fumes being expelled by the body. After all, I smoked more cigars last night then I did for the entire month.

While the mist was exerted from the body, I started to see images of people. Images would be clear, then it would fade out, I suppose the subconscious and physical body were searching for the correct frequency to match my vibrations; it was like tuning in a radio.      

Then I heard the body breath like it was asleep; now I recognized the body asleep mind awake phenomena. Still, at this point I didn’t attempt to leave the body. I felt that the astral body was not ready to leave the physical body yet. I would have to be a bit more patient.

While hearing the physical body rest, I’m not sure how long it was before I found myself sinking into the physical body.

I recognized that because as the physical body was breathing, I started to see the watery environment inside the physical body. Something that I experienced before. So, I raised up and out of the physical body.

Once outside the physical body, I was observing the hotel room; I decided to observe the physical body. When I looked at the physical body, I could not see it clearly because that was a haze above it. Perhaps the mist that was leaving the body has it exhaled.

But then when I got coser to look, I could see that the physical body was in a different position then it was supposed to be. I need to ponder that for another time. Right now, my thoughts were to leave the room and explore the environment.

I went to the room door and attempted to phase through it. For some strange reason, I could not phase through the door. This has never happened to me before; usually when I’m projected I could phase through any physical barrier at will. I attempted to phase through the door again. I still couldn’t penetrate and go through. Perhaps something is preventing me from phasing through the door; or maybe I don’t have enough energy to do it. My next option was the window. I approached the window, and phased through it without any problem.  

Now that I’m outside, I observed the area from the air; I could see the river, and the rocks on the ground. I decided to go around the hotel to observed what is going on.

I went around, to see if the staff were working to prepare breakfast, it is almost time for it to be available. I could see what I perceived to be chefs working on preparing the continental breakfast.

Then I left the kitchen area and was traveling to another area; when I heard a conversation coming from one of the rooms. Something to do with that there weren’t anymore believers. I didn’t see where that conversation originated from, nor did I see the beings that was having the conversation. I didn’t quite understand how is it that particular conversation stood out, given that there were multiple conversations going on among the hotel guests.  

I continued floating around the hotel, and stopped off at the bar area; I saw some people around the bar. Then I noticed that there were some Soldiers in uniform at the bar. I also noticed that one of the Soldiers had a patch that the Bravo Company of my National Guard unit wore when we were deployed in Iraq.

I did recognize the Soldier wearing that patch. That particular Soldier was killed in action in Afghanistan, and that the patch that he was wearing was not the unit he was under before he fell in Afghanistan.

Then there was another Soldier, he seemed to know me, but I did not recognize him. He greeted me and asked me when did I die. I told him that I’m not dead, that I am astral projecting out of my physical body.

He told me that every soldier at the bar had died, and that I should recognize some of them that were there. This is when I saw Sergeant Seabrooks who was a long time member of my National Guard unit before he was killed in action in Afghanistan.

This is when I realized that I must have accessed the death realm. I particular didn’t want to interact with Seabrooks. I had in my mind to leave the bar before he sees me. But it was too late, he saw me. He greeted me and we had a few words. He also thought I died. But I told him that I’m astral projecting. I took him outside to show him my silver chord.

I picked up the trailing silver chord to show Seabrooks. Then I found that Seabrooks was not standing next to me anymore. I saw the appearance of two figures. They said that I took something from them and they want it back.

I’m not sure what they are talking about, but they said that I’m not a believer. I got the perception that they were hostile and wanted a confrontation. That I should get out of the area fast. So I decided to make my way back to my room.

I was backing away, I thought the silver chord would retract pulling me back to the physical body quickly. But that was not the case; I was floating backing away from the hostile beings slowly.

They were coming for me, and at the speed that they were coming, they would get to me before I reached the room. I went into defensive mode and was shooting out some energy bolts, which the hostile beings easily deflected. Then I erected an energy barrier. But the hostile beings obliterated the energy barrier with some type of instrument that emitted a blue light.

I erected another energy barrier, but that energy barrier was also obliterated, by the instrument emitting the blue light. I could not repel these beings and they weren’t stopped by my energy barriers. But at least the energy barriers slowed them down enough for me to reach the room and back into the physical body.

When I was back in the room and entered the physical body, I felt relieved that I evaded the hostile beings. However, when I turned to my left, I saw one of the hostile beings on the empty bed on my left. The hostile beings were in the room, and they were in the room with my physical body. They had the instrument that was emitting a blue light with them.

The blue light was shined into my eyes, blinding me, I had no defense against the blue light. The only thing that I could do was to turn away from it. At the same time, I started circulating my bio energy to defend against the intruding energy.

As the beings attacked with that blue light emitting energy instrument, I defended myself with the movement of energy. The measure was working, my energy was not weak as it was on the astral plane. It was superior in the physical plane. I could only conclude that the combination of the physical body and the astral body energies far out weighed the blue energy emitted from the instrument that the attacking beings had.

While the energetic battle waged, suddenly, I heard the room door open. When the room door opened there was a blinding bright white light illuminated outside the door. The intruding beings who were attacking me with that instrument that emitted the blue light was drawn to the open door and they went into the bright light; it was either on their own accord, or they were involuntary sucked into the bright white light. But once that were through the door and into the bright white light; as sudden as the door opened, it shut.

The room was back in normal darkness; I was fully back in the physical body; the physical body was well rested and relaxed; leaving me to ponder this whole experience.   

  © 2022 All Rights Reserved

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