Time Slip

It was a typical day, it wasn’t too bad at the government office, it seems that when the weather is bad, nobody comes in to seek any government services. Back at home, the heat from the radiator was kicking. Even with the window open and with the cold air coming in the room, it was still hot. I had to put on the fan.

But despite the room being warmer than I find comfortable, my sleep app indicated that I had a good night sleep. I’ll talk about the sleep app later, right now I just want to record this latest dream before the subconscious tuck it away from the conscious recollection.

Perhaps there was more to this dream, the details that is in mind happened when I recognized that I was in my car driving. The destination was unknown.

While on the road, I heard the siren of an emergency vehicle. When I looked out the car window, there was a Police car followed by a New York City Emergency Medical service ambulance. They were attempting to pass me, but they could not keep up with the speed that I was going.

While I had the car window down and looking at them. The Cop driving the Police car said, “hey, what’s the matter with you, don’t you see us, you better pull over and make us pass or I’m going to give you a ticket.”  I pulled over and made them pass, they were moving along, and I was behind them. We entered this tunnel.   

The tunnel was well lighted, and it looked like the sides had a white picket fence. It was a winding tunnel, the emergency vehicles weren’t going too fast, and at some point, I was going to pass them.

Still following the emergency vehicles, there was a point where there was an exit. I decided to take that the exit out of the tunnel, and the emergency vehicles continued to go straight to wherever they were going.

Once I exited the tunnel, my car disappeared and at the other side of the tunnel was a door which I opened and walked through.

At the other side of the door was a waiting room, similar to the one at the government office where I make my daily living. But I found out that this kind of government office belonged to the Veterans Administration (VA).

I wondered what I am doing in a crowded VA waiting room, especially since I’m already receiving a percentage of disability compensation. But since I was there, I was waiting along with the others to see what they were signing people up for.

While waiting, there must not have been any more chairs, because I found myself on the floor. While on the floor, I discovered some type of portal, around the legs of one of the chairs. When I put my hands in the portal, it was like I put my hand in a hole. I could feel the environment was different on the other side.

I was curious, so I decided to go through the portal. When I was through, I found that I was transported to the block where I lived as a teenager. I was at the corner of the street. I noticed that everything appeared as it did in the  1980’s. The stores that used to be on the main block, and the model cars on the road confirmed to me that the portal transported me back to the 1980’s.

I was kind of apprehensive being at the end of my block, on the main road. I did not want to run into any family members, or myself. I didn’t go too far, just to the other block and back. I really did not want to be there for the mentioned reason.

I decided to go back through the portal, when I did, I was back in the VA waiting room where I started. This time I found that I was next in line to see the administrator who had the paperwork.

I asked what am I signing up for? The administrator said that this is for the GI education bill. Well, I mentioned that I am wasting my time because I already used up my GI education bill when I was studying for my graduate degree, that last time I checked I was told that it I exhausted my eligibility for the education GI bill.  

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