Jewelry Heist

            This week was a week of rest, even from the weekend gig while recovering from some type of virus. After getting a negative result from the flu and COVID 19 test, the Doctor swears that it was just a cold, but the way it felt didn’t seem like a regular cold. No real remedy but a five day anti-biotic regimen. Things have improved, so I guess it is back to the grind of the gov’t office activities.

The downside was that I did not get much rest during the past week. At the height of everything, it seems that there were attempts to invade my thoughts, it was difficult to reflect things, and attempts to go into a meditative state was met with a physical reaction of spitting up mucus when the body got a bit relaxed.

The more the body relaxed, and the mind quieted, and just as the intrusive thoughts began to be expelled; the body compelled me to spit up mucus, derailing the relaxation methods.

The physical and mental was not in harmony, the physical attempts to heal itself, will hinder deep meditation. Well at least in my case.

It lets me wonder how those whose mental state is off, how do they put their physical and mental state in harmony.

It’s a good thing that time heals, now that the body combatted the virus, the mind kicked in gear and the unconscious delivered this experience.

 The environment was cold and snowy; with a big structure that resembled a circus’s big top tent. For some reason ladders were erected on the tents.

There was nothing around, except for there was a truck, a box truck, one that looked like the type and size of truck that delivers beer. The truck parked adjacent to the big top.

Overall, I felt like I was with my National Guard unit at Fort Drum, detailed to guard the area and the big top.

I didn’t want to be outside standing in the snow and cold, Since no one was in the truck I decided to go into the truck to chill.

But before I could get in the truck, someone else was already in there. The truck was started and it was driven to what resembled to the lobby of a high rise with stores in the plaza lobby. In particular, one of the stores resembled a Macys and the other looked like the jewelry store that used to be located in the pre-911 WTC plaza.

Whoever was in the truck, started it up and drove it into the plaza, and through the glass lobby of the Macy’s store right into the jewelry store. Then he got out and picked up the jewelry that was in the display window.

Then after he picked up the jewelry, he got back into the truck and kept driving straight, but at the end of the plaza, there was kind of a stair drop off, I did not see a route to escape, but once the truck drove past the end of the plaza, it disappeared.

When we went to see the damage and view the security footage, we found that the truck only crashed into the display window, and that the only jewelry that was taken were gold rings. That the thief did not bother going into the store’s interior where the more valuable jewels were kept.

It let us wondering that the dude made the effort to steal the truck, and drove it through two stores and all he settled on taking were a bunch of gold rings that resembled wedding rings.

The video footage revealed that he actually had an accomplish with him, an unknown female, maybe she was the brains because she never got out the truck. If she was the brains behind everything, then what was the real motive, there were no attempts to pull off a real heist, only to grab a couple of wedding gold rings. I Don’t know what the significant of this whole matter.      

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  1. Can’t you do your relaxation stuff sat up? I used to meditate sat on a beach or whatever – I feel fairly unrelaxed lying down for that kind of thing. Also, it does create problem with phlegm if you’re ill – lying down is very bad for phlegm production.


    • Yes, I usually do it sitting down. Sometimes I also do it to get a good night sleep when I find it hard to fall asleep. It took me a while to learn how to meditate lying down, I would end up in normal sleep. Nowadays, if I’m not tired I can do a session of meditation lying down without going into normal sleep.


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