Sammy’s Lost Eye

            Once in a while I listen to a podcaste called “The Real Dana.” The host is the Real Dana, is a protégée of the legendary self-proclaimed hater, Tori Torain aka STAR (Strange Thoughts And Revelations).  If you want to know more about STAR click here.

The Real Dana, left the “STAR in the Morning” show which incidentally was a number one rated podcaste on Youtube to start her own podcaste called “The Real Dana.” Somehow, she partnered up with the infamous Judge Joe Brown.

Now, if you haven’t heard about Judge Joe Brown, he used to have one of the highest rated syndicate jurist show T.V court show during the late 90’s until it was cancelled after a 15 year run amid a salary dispute.

Yes, Judge Joe Brown is a real life Judge, and he has a pretty interesting background, and experience.

Now that Judge Joe Brown is up there in age, he brings some of the stories, life experience, opinions and philosophy to the public, and well as legal analysis on the “The Real Dana” podcaste.

Well, this particular segment was quite interesting, the Judge talked about certain things that took place in old Hollywood. This one in particular was about how Sammy Davis junior allegedly really lost his eye.

Judge Brown explained that when he had his high rating show, the networks Paramount & CBS provided him and his family with a personal security. The Judge said that he was told many stories about security issues and incidents surrounding well known celebrity figures from those security people that has been in the security business for a while.

According to what Judge brown said he was told, was that Sammy Davis Jr didn’t really lose his eye in a car accident, the eye was supposed to have been taken as a compromise to preserve his life.

Judge Brown explained that Sammy converted to Judaism to marry his wife. However, when his wife was his girlfriend, that there was a romantic rival, who was upset that Sammy took the girl away from him. Judge Brown didn’t want to say that the romantic rival was a mobster. But his words made that revelation obvious.   

Its well known that the Mafia was entrenched in Hollywood for a period of time, and that some stars, executives, producers, etc would be on the receiving end of certain activities, if the Mafia decided that they were bad for business.

In Sammy’s case, he took the woman who became his future wife, from his romantic rival, who was incensed and perhaps felt that it was an embarrassing situation in the eyes of his peers that the woman choose to be with Sammy instead of him.

In response, the Sammy’s romantic rival put out a hit on him. It was said that Frank Sinatra and others intervened and was successful in getting the hit rescinded. However, the romantic rival felt that he had to show face in front of his peers, so, before he agreed to rescind the hit, Sammy had to agree to give up something.  That something was his left eye.

True_George thought that this was an interesting story, that is until True_George looked to see if Sammy did indeed converted to Judaism just to marry the woman that Judge Brown referenced.

True_George found out that Judge Brown was correct that Sammy did convert to Judaism to marry his second wife May Britt. However, the timeline to marrying his first wife, and when he lost his left eye was way off.

Sammy converted to Judaism and married May Britt in 1960; but even the story leading up to this marriage is marred in controversial itself. There were even claims that the marriage to Britt was ordered by the mob. But it didn’t have anything to do with Sammy losing an eye. You see, Sammy lost his eye in 1954. There were reports that Sammy was indeed involved in a car accident and went straight to the hospital. In essence Sammy’s eye was gone for a few years before his choice of women caused problems.

You see Sammy became romantically involved with actress Kim Novak, her protégée Colombia Pictures boss Andy Cohen did not approve of the interracial romance. Things were done to dissuade Sammy from continuing the relationship. But, Sammy was not dissuaded, so Andy Cohen allegedly put out a mob contract hit on Sammy. The contract was to break both of Sammy’s legs and take out his other eye.  

A Mobster who used to go to the same racetrack that Sammy’s father Sammy Davis senior used to go, approached Sammy Davis senior and gave him a heads up about the hit.  The mobster explained that to get the heat off Sammy junior, he had to marry a black woman within 24 hours.

Sammy junior entered into a sham marriage with Loray White a well-known black singer. It was a brief marriage that ended abruptly. Then he ended up getting married to May Britt after converting to Judaism.

Judge Brown has some interesting stories, but he should have left this one alone, especially because the distorted facts came from third parties, and not from Judge Brown’s direct experience.


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