Caught by M.I.B

            Lately dreams have not been as frequent as before, at least if I remember having any dreams that stands out. If I do the conscious memory of it is short. This is something that is out of the ordinary for me. I usually retain memories of a profound dream for days until it gradually fades from conscience memory.

Perhaps there is a shift in energy, maybe my inner focus is on something else. Not too sure what is happening on the mental and unconscious scale. But one can only see how things develop.

Well, at least I have retained the memory of this recent dream. The setting took place at a hotel. Me and a couple of friends were passing through. It is ironic that the friends in this dream isn’t anyone I have known or know. How the mind constructs people, that you never met in your waking life is kind of amazing. But the scary thing about the mind is that it cannot recreate people that you’ve never met or seen in a magazine or movie. So, my real question is, wo are those people and when did I encounter them, maybe I should do a past life regression.

In the hotel, we were looking around when we came into this banquet hall. The banquet was over, but the banquet table still had some food on it. Thinking that the hotel will just throw away the food, and I felt kind of hungry. I said to one of the people that I was with, “fuck it, take the food that’s left over.”

I saw a plate that had some ribs on it, so I took a couple. The ribs were mild warm being that the banquet was over for some time. Being that the ribs wasn’t hot didn’t matter, I ate them.

There were chicken, and steaks, and some other stuff on the table that me and my friends chowed down on. Then there were unopened bottles of wine, and soft beverages, which we drank to wash down the food that we just ate.

Then as we were leaving the banquet hall, I saw that there were a bunch of pens in a container that was being given away free. Perhaps, those pens were intended for those who attended the banquet to take as souvenirs. My thoughts were that since pens have a knack of disappearing at work, I decided to take a bunch of those to use at work.  

While me and my friends had plans to exit the hotel and be on our merry way. The hotel security had other ideas. We were told that we have to go to the security office, that some of the pens that were taken wasn’t free.

Well, we didn’t cooperate, and it ended up with security chasing us around the hotel. My friends were rounded up, but I was free. One of the security guards grabbed me from behind, but I used my grappling skills to brake free from him.

Then another security guard grabbed me from behind, in a similar fashion as the first one did. He took me to the ground, but couldn’t hold me because my grappling skills were superior. Then it happened for a third time, a security guard grabbed me from behind and took me to the ground in a similar fashion as the other two guards did. Again, I escaped using my superior grappling skills.

I was eluding the security when they kind of negotiated with me to come down to the security office. I told them that I would be there shortly. I decided to hide my bag the ones with the pens and left over food, before I head to the security office.

I found a spot and hid my bag there. I was walking past a store, when I saw that the store was selling the type of pens that was in my bag. I had about three of them in the bag. This means that the security had a legitimate complaint.

I decided to take those type of pens from the bag. But it seems like security grew tired of waiting, and they sent in a team of special guards to come and get me.  

These guards looked like black Muslims that belong to Louis Farrakhan’s security force called the “Fruit of Islam,” or they could men in black. There were three of them, they had on a black suit, white shirt, black tie and was wearing dark shaded glasses. When they approach me and tried to grab me, I went into a karate stand, and told them to stay back otherwise I will deliver a side kick. They laughed, and went to grab me.

When they got close I delivered the side kick and knocked them down, and escaped to another part of the hotel. Then they caught up to me again. The same scenario played out and I eluded them.

I went to the hiding place were I put my bag, and as I was sorting out the contents in the bag, separating the free pens from the alleged non free pens. The black Muslim guards caught up to me and grabbed me. One grabbed my left arm, and another grabbed my right arm. The two men in black subdued me on the floor, while the third, who was the tallest one peered down to me and said, “what you’re goanna do now.”

I was helpless, I couldn’t move, I was at their mercy, then this is where this dream experience ended.

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