Passing Through

  Had this strange experience the other day; didn’t think much of it at the point in time when it happened, but afterwards, when my mind ran up on it I took some time to ponder it, then I realized what kind of experience it was.

Well, it happened at the second gig where I make some extra bread at the support house for the mentally ill. I went upstairs to check on a few individuals, while I was walking upstairs, I saw one of the residents, his name was Kenneth Tucker, he was walking around the floor where his room is located.  

Mr. Tucker was an older man in his mid-sixties, on this particular day when I sighted Mr. Tucker in the hallway, he had on a white robe, his beard looked white, and his long dread locks were also white. 

Looking at Mr. Tucker, I couldn’t help but notice that the shade of white that his beard, and hair, even the robe looked like a shade of white that one wouldn’t normally see. It was more like the pure whiteness of a cloud on a clear sunny day.

Plus, in all the time that Mr. Tucker has been at the support house, I have never seen him wonder around the hallway, or  even wear a robe of any kind.

As, I was going about, I sighted Mr. Tucker, he looked at me, and I looked at him, we exchanged glances, but since I had things to do, I never stopped to greet him, or asked him how he was feeling, I knew that he was in pain for the last couple of weeks undergoing cancer therapy. I just acknowledged his presence by bowing my head, before moving on to the next floor to take care whatever I went upstairs to do.

I went back downstairs to the medication room, and later that evening when things were slow, I was telling my co-worker what happened, and telling her that I found it strange how Mr. Tucker looked and how the he was wearing that robe.

Then my co-worker asked me if I was sure who I saw was Mr. Tucker, before reminding me that Mr. Tucker had passed away a couple of days ago.

Wow, how could I forget that a couple of days ago that the morning staff went upstairs to check up on Mr. Tucker when he didn’t come down for his meds or answer the air phone. The staff keyed into the room and discovered that Mr. Tucker had passed away.  

Well, it isn’t the first time that I saw or interacted with spirits, I was just surprised that Mr. Tucker would allow me to see his spiritual presence, given that I did not have any personal interaction or have any emotional connection with him during his stay at the support house.


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