Identified Flying Object

            It’s been an interesting week for the North American Aerospace Command (NORAD) As many of us have heard that the skies over the United States and Canada have been infiltrated by what is described as “spy” balloons from China.

The mainstream news outlets reported a Chinese spy balloon was discovered flying over the skies of North America, flying from Alaska, through Western Canada, and into the United States, originating from Chinese territory.

It was also purported that the White House had ordered the balloon to be shot down. However, the Pentagon felt that shooting down the balloon overpopulated areas posed a fall out risk, and did not act to shoot it down right away.

 Instead, the pentagon waited until the balloon traveled from the border of Canada and through the United States Mid-Western, collecting whatever data it was collecting before it was over the waters off the coast of South Carolina before the military shot the balloon down.

The Chinese officials wasn’t amused, they claimed that the balloon wasn’t a spy balloon, but it was only a weather balloon that was blown off course. So, the diplomatic wrangling starts.

While the diplomats are sorting this out, there has been reports that the U.S Air Force has shot down at least four unidentified flying objects (UFO) over the skies of Canada’s Yukon province and near military sites over Lake Huron, Michigan. But, that in itself isn’t the kicker, the kicker is that one of the objects was described as an octagonal shaped, that the objects are not being described as balloons.  

Does anyone smell what True_George is cooking? If you do, True_George knows that the smell reeks of cover up and perhaps government deceit.

Well, it isn’t the first time that “weather balloons,” was cited as a cover for what really was found. Now this time putting a spin of citing Chinese government espionage operations. Now the Chinese are also accusing the United States of sending spy balloons over their skies.

Oh! What a tangled web is being weaved. The Chinese and United States government cannot be trusted and they will not reveal what is really going on. In fact, True_George will go on and allege that both governments are in co-hoots in dealing with these so-called UFO’s.

But for what’s it worth General Glen Van Herck the NORAD commander who oversees the North American airspace, was asked whether he had ruled out that the UFO’s were of extraterrestrial origins. His answer was, “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out. I haven’t ruled out anything.”

Well, come on General, would you have us believe that your pilots don’t describe what they see in their reports. Based on the description, wouldn’t you know whether what they saw is in the arsenal of a particular nation or not of this earth.

True_George could go on and on and on, one speculation is as good as another. But, this event is being watched, and only time will tell as to what is really going on.


  1. I’ve been following all this on the news with amazement too! Mind you, I don’t think that you can blame that general for not knowing whether the octagonal thing was terrestrial or not – if you haven’t seen something before, you can’t say where it might have come from – this planet or elsewhere. People are inventing and trialling new stuff all the time.


    • When I was in the military it was mandatory that we learn to identify enemy aircraft. They used to test us on it. Plus they printed them on playing cards.
      A General should have info on the type of aircraft and even pictures of them. The General can’t be excused in that area, he is the head honcho he has access to the information.

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      • you never know – it could have been a private enterprise something-or-other. We had to do aircraft recognition too – I did it anyway as I wanted to go into air traffic control so I did both civil and military. That was back in the day when mil-jets were exciting and civil aircraft beautiful – not sure that applies nowadays – they all seem a bit homogenised!

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        • Hello Mountaincoward,

          Cool, thank you for sharing that, I imagine that training & knowledge of yours can still prove to be useful.

          I think that some of the supertech & alleged reverse engineered technology are probably made by some private sector companies et cetera who once and / or still work with some secret parts of one or more governments & organizations & individuals.

          I think that some of them (most, maybe all) are probably using this technology for their own selfish purposes with no intentions of helping the rest of humanity, perhaps they could be considered a breath-away civilization at this point.

          Furthermore, I also fear that they are likely not the type of people who(m) you would want to have this technology (nazis / former nazis, imperialists / former imperialists, racists, racialists, white / western supremacists, greedy, unemphatic, capitalists, eugenicists, et cetera types).

          Anyway, those are just my wild guesses / concerns about some possibilities, I hope that I am wrong.

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  2. Hello True George,

    I have been following this as well, interesting times indeed.

    I find it interesting that they still have not released even a blurry photo or video of these latest UFOs / UAPs that they shot down days ago; even though they said that they tracked them, saw them, pilots saw them, et cetera before being shot down.

    So they should have photographs & videos & radar data from their space, ground, air, ship, underground, et cetera equipment on these objects.

    I do not expect them to release the good stuff, but they could at least release some blurry photo & video taken by the pilots from their phones or something.

    Also, no one asked or said if they tried to communicate with the UAPs or if they fired warning shots first, et cetera; and no information on whether the objects made any noise et cetera.

    I am also tired of the news et cetera only mentioning aliens as another possibility for this technology instead of also considering unknown sentient life / a breakaway human civilization (faction, organization, corporation, culture, military, et cetera) that lives on this planet and / or interdimensional (4D whatever) sentient life and / or technology et cetera.

    Anyway, at this time, I doubt that the latest three UAPs that were shot down were any kind of super tech or anything, probably just some slow moving uncommon current day tech.

    Perhaps we will see, if the government stops dragging their feet.

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    • Yeah, you have a good point. The military trains it members to identify the target before shooting. I’m sure that there would be repercussions against a pilot if they fire a million dollar missile without a target in its cross hairs.
      I guess when everything dies down, the gov’t will eventually release any videos taken of the objects that was shot down.
      If the objects were not of this earth, maybe a test to see defense capabilities…

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      • Hopefully the existence of unknown human and / or unknown non-human sentient life / technology is finally made public officially in my lifetime, and hopefully it will be a positive thing.

        I like some mystery, but this topic has been too mysterious for all these years. 😀

        Which is starting to seem a little scary to me, you hope for something positive, but if something has been going on for this long without making itself known or helping us (as far as we know); that really makes me doubt it will be positive, neutral at best, but I hope that I am wrong.

        That second video above about the 4th dimension is scary & cool though, if true, 4th dimensional entities could explain some alleged encounters et cetera reported by our species throughout the years.

        Especially paranormal & supernatural phenomenon.

        How would us three-dimensional lifeforms be able to defend against 4th dimensional lifeforms?

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        • The question is why does the gov’t want to cover up these things given that contact with extraterrestrials has been documented one way or another throughout history.
          I hear about stuff like the secret space program, I hear stuff that the gov’t has military personal stationed off world and off world entities are stationed on the earth, I also hear that the skies are filed with clocked vassals observing life on earth. Why don’t the gov’t disclosure what is going on?
          4th dimension concepts are interesting, but one would think that if a 4th dimensional entity enter the 3rd dimension that the 3rd dimension laws would apply while they are there and vice versa.
          How would equipment manufactured in the 4th dimension function in the 3rd dimension and vice versa.
          I suppose that the mathematics will answer that question.

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          • Hello True George,

            One reason that I have heard mentioned by various people who worked for the government / military / et cetera, is to use the UFO (UAP) phenomenon as cover for their secret advanced / prototype / et cetera technology programs.

            Beyond that, I assume because of some of the usual reasons that many have suspected for why they would keep that secret.

            There is still mystery there that bothers me about the cover-up, that is the part that scares me, I assume those unknown reasons for the cover-up are reasons that are not in our best interests.

            That is the human side of things, if there is a none human side of things, like we suspect, I wonder why they are not revealing anything to us.

            I can think of a variety of reasons why they would hide, of course, but it still bothers me.

            Once again, I fear that the reason might not in our best interests, but there is a chance that they are just indifferent to us or maybe somehow it is in our best interests until we are ready.

            I was thinking that, too, would not a 4th dimensional entity & any 4th dimensional technology visiting 3-dimensional space be limited to the same rules as us?

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