Theft Sensor

Finally got a new laptop, the other model by Hewett Packard (HP)  crashed on me. But I should have known that it was going to happen, especially after getting messages that HP has stopped supporting and providing updates for that particular model.

Now that I got this new model, I ran into another dilemma, it seems that all the new laptops internet connection is exclusively WIFI. My WIFI router is located in the living room, in the back of my house. The signal is low in the front of the house where my desk is located.

I got a WIFI extender, but it didn’t help, it was not easy to set up, and when I did get it set up, it didn’t work as I’d hope it would have. I was a bit pissed that I wasted money on that wifi extender device.

After pondering a little, I decided it was best and easier to just set up another wifi network. So now I got two independent wifi networks, one that covers the front of the house, the other that covers the back of the house.   

The dream week went good as it usually does, but I failed to record the last three dreams, those dreams weren’t really pro-founded, and have since left my conscious memory. But I did retain memory of the fourth dream.

I found myself on the block were I live, I strolled down to the main street and found that the Supermarket was boarded up and that the mom and pop stores were gone and in their place was a structure that looked like a mall.

I went inside the structure to look around. The stores in the structure looked like boutiques. I went into one of them. That particular boutique was selling designer glasses for women. While I walked around, a sales clerk that looked like my fellow gov’t bureaucrat co-worker, C F said, “hello boss,’ I acknowledged her greeting by bowing my head, and continued on walking through the boutique.

Then, I went to a second boutique, it looked like a jewelry store, with glass displays everywhere. The unique thing about this boutique is that it was one way. You couldn’t walk backwards on the path just forward. I saw some clerks that looked like people that I did not recognize. I mentioned to one of them, its funny how there is only one way in and one way out.

After browsing around and not deciding to buying anything, I made my way to the mall’s exit. But, before I reached the mall’s exit, the loss prevention alarm went off. When I came in sight of the exit doors. There were a line of security guards with hand held scanners, scanning everyone leaving the mall.

When it was mine turn to be scanned, the hand scanner alert went off. I didn’t purchase anything or  have bags in my hands, I wonder why the scanner went off.

The hand held scanner found the source, it was from my side pocket on my sweatpants. When the guard went in my pocket, they found a square sensor.

This was strange, the sensor was supposed to be attached to some sort of merchandise, they could not accuse me of shop lifting I didn’t have any merchandise on me. But still, I don’t know how that sensor ended up in my pocket.

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  1. And I thought you were going to say that the ‘loss prevention’ sensors went off because you didn’t buy anything – that would make sense as it’s a loss to them if you don’t! 😉

    My old XP lappie hasn’t been supported since 2014 but struggles on. I’ve taken it off the internet this year though as it’s too valuable to me for doing everything else. The catalogue of omissions on the new machines is vast – no modem connection for the internet, no DVD drive, no mouse buttons (those trackpads you click on are a liability). Plus my new one won’t talk to my scanner, my printer and probably my i-Mic! 😦

    All my software for my devices is on CDs so I can’t instal their software either 😦


    • Another dream twist…
      Yeah, PC and Laptops without hard drives is another thing I guess due to the development of the cloud and small memory sticks.
      You know its funny back in the 90’s I got a computer with a 3.5 disc drive and a floopy disc drive, then they started putting in the CD ROM so I had my dest top modified and they put in the CD ROM drive. Then 6 months later they started to put the CD RW drives in. Instead of spending more money to modify my computer I brought a CD RW external drive at that point in time the USB drive wasn’t standard but my computer had them, and later on when they made the CD RW capable of playing DVD I brought and external DVD drive. I also brought an external 3.5 disc drive when they stopped making computers with the 3.5 disc drive. I didn’t use those external devices for years, but then they stopped making the Laptops and desk tops without the CD drives I dusted off the external devices and found that they are still relevant. I could view files on a CD and play music CD and with the external DVD drive I can watch movies, all I need to do is down load a DVD software, and my I can get to my old files on my old 3.5 external disc drive. Who knew that those devices that were considered new tech that I purchased 30 years ago is still relevant given now the new computers don’t have those hardware on them anymore.
      I guess you figured out the moral of my experience. You still can get to your software that’s on CD. All you have to do is get a CD external drive. Today, they are way cheaper then what I paid for my external devices 30 years ago..


      • yeah I know they suggested that in the shop. But I think I’ll wait till my old lappie dies and then I guess I’ll have to. I don’t really want a lot of peripherals cluttering up the place as my house is very tiny! Also I’ve only got 3 USB sockets on the new machine to plug things like that into.

        I’m amazed the newer laptop doesn’t talk to my printer without the software being set up though – I thought they were supposed to recognise and use things like printers just by plugging them in?


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