Snakes at My Feet

            Well there was nothing unusual for a Thursday night. It’s the night that I usually watch the reality series on the History channel called “Swamp People.” They put two series on back to back. One was about alligator hunting and the other was about hunting the Burmese python.

While I was watching, the tail end of the alligator hunting, I suddenly found myself in a version of a bedroom. I felt that I was still living with my parents as a teenager, and sharing the bedroom with my brothers. I didn’t see my younger brother, only my older one. That is, the feeling that I got from the characters that represented my brothers.

I was making up my bed then my older brother brought a strange creature in the room. He said he found the creature in the garden. The creature looked like a cross between a turtle and a bird. It was large and had brown feathers. The wings covered the creature’s body like a turtle’s shell. It had front paws that looked like a turtle’s front legs, but when it flapped its wings and lift off into the air, its hind legs resembled an eagle leg with sharp talons.  It also had a tail that looked like a possum’s tail.

We had the creature trapped in a white bucket while my brother was showing me the creature, it kind of scampered away and was fluttering around the room. It looks like it couldn’t fly very high. My brother told me to grab the creature. I didn’t want to grab the creature, because I didn’t want to get torn up by its talons. But, I managed to trap the creature by using the white bucket to force it down to the ground.

After forcing the creature down to the ground, the bucket was placed on top of the creature, while me and my brother contemplate the next move.  But suddenly, the scene shifted to that of me lying on my bed.

While I was lying on the bed, there was a baby snake or two that looked like a python crawling on my feet. This kind of startled me, because I detest snakes and wouldn’t have them in the house, let alone have them to freely roam my bedroom.

I knew that my brother was responsible for this. I called out to my brother, and angrily told him to take those snakes from my feet and toss them outside.

I was very angry, and asked my brother, what the hell is wrong with him, why would he put those snakes on my feet when he knows that I detest snakes.  

I never did get an answer, I also don’t know what happened to the creature…

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