The latest dream experience took place when I saw a group of individuals walking in single file on a dusty paved sidewalk. I got the feeling that they were doing a walkabout. Not sure why the idea of a walkabout came into my head, but  I mentioned to myself that they had made the walkabout easier by paving the desert and wilderness. The days that a person on a walkabout quest goes into the wilderness and overcome the conditions are long gone.

I observed two cars, luxury cars maybe from the fifties, they were pulling up besides the individuals doing the walkabout, observing them.

I saw that the inhabitants of the vehicles, the person in charge resembled the late Queen Elizabeth II. The other people were her royal staff and some military type looking individuals.

The last two individuals doing the walkabout kind of slowed down to see if they  can speak to the Queen. Well, at least they played it off because the other individuals were walking pretty fast, and the last two individuals were not able to keep up the pace.

The cars were driving next to those two individuals at walking speed. The car stopped and the Queen came out the car to walk with the last two individuals.

The Queen didn’t look that old, nor that young, appearing as a middle age. But they were fine hairs on her face, which she had a razor shaving them down while she walked on the dusty paved path talking to the last two individuals of a line of people doing a walkabout.  

One of the individuals said to the Queen, “I heard that you were in the Army during the war”, the Queen answered, “yes, I was in the army.” The individual said, “I respect anyone that served their country in the armed forces during war.”  

Then the scene shifted, to that of an old building that one would see in Egypt. Inside the building were artifacts that were placed there from an archaeology expedition. The security guards guarding the building had the old tan desert uniform that British soldiers used to wear around the early 20th century.

The Queen and her entourage pulled up and were talking to officials. I found it a bit curious how the environment of the walkabout which is something the Australian Aboriginals do changed, into a scene of a building housing artifacts in Egypt. Also, that everyone in the Egyptian scene spoke English with British accents.

Then a statute was brought out and some old dude that looked like a professor tapped certain points on the statue. When he did that, some diamonds fell out the hole on the statue’s chest.

The professor pushed his hand in the hole, and felt that there were more diamonds. Then two people dressed in traditional long shirts that Egyptian natives wear showed up. They were incensed, and the group they were with overpowered the building security personal and stormed into the building.

The group were upset that the artifacts were being removed from sacred ground to be shipped off to England. They went upstairs and cornered the old professor and the Queen,  and forced them out onto a balcony on the top floor of the building.

There was another building next to the building that housed the artifacts. The two individuals that were on the walkabout were on the balcony of that building.  

The walkabout individuals, somehow managed to rig a rope, and swung to the building housing the artifacts and grabbed the Queen, and swung back to the safety on the balcony of the building that they were in. But they could not get to the old professor because he was surrounded by the angry group of insurgents.

The group hoisted the old professor in the air and prepared to throw him off the building’s balcony. I particularly did not want to see the old professor’s body splatter on the pavement below.  But it was inevitable because they just threw the old professor off the balcony.

The Queen didn’t want the old professor to hit the floor either, so she swung on the rope to catch the old professor’s free-falling body. But as the Queen intercepted the free-falling professor’s body, she forgot to keep a hold of the rope, and now the Queen and the professor were free falling in the air to their deaths.

Before the Queen and the old professor were splattered on the pavement, the old professor had a spiritual moment and his astral body appeared. The old professor’s astral body grabbed the Queen and floated up back to the top balcony where the walkabout individuals were and put the Queen on the balcony.

The old professor’s physical body continued to free fall down until it hit the ground. When the professor’s physical body hit the ground, the face of the building housing the artifacts collapsed. Leaving a ball of dust.

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