Drowning Cats

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary on this typical night, but I have to ponder what prompted this type of dream.

First, I saw some type of a white hand bason filled with water, I saw a pair of hands wearing white surgical gloves put a ginger and white cat into the bason and submerged the struggling cat into the water until it drowned.

Then the pair of hands took another cat, this one a black cat and put it in the bason on top of the ginger and white cat, and submerged that cat in the water until it drowned.

Then the view changed, I could see that the environment was some sort of a veterinarian lab, I saw a large container on top of a shelf, it was filled with water. Another pair of hands had another cat, this cat was white, and the pair of hands put the white cat in the large container and attempted to submerge the cat in the water.

But this cat was a bit resilient and fought its way out of the pair of hands and started running around the lab looking for a place to hide. The cat found a place, but it wasn’t too long before the pair of hands found the cat and brought it back to the large container.

I was kind of disgusted as to what I was seeing, and I called out to the cat to come to me, the cat came to me, and I told whoever was in the lab to stop what they were doing because I’ll adopt the cat.

The people in the lab had me sign some paperwork, and they gave me a large dolly with an assortment of cat food on it. Some were in cans and some were in bags. There were so much cat food on the dolly that some of the bags of food started to fall off the dolly when I started to push the dolly out of the Vet’s lab door.

I told the people in the Vet lab that I was going to load the food into my car. When I got out to the street where my car was supposed to be parked, the car wasn’t there. Maybe it’s down the block. I pushed the dolly filled with cat food down the black, but I could not find my car.

My thoughts were, perhaps it is around the other block. So I pushed the dolly filled with cat food around the other block, but still I could not find the car. When I turned on the other block, I saw that I things changed to that of a car storage facility. I saw a car that looked like the 1976 Ford Pinto that I used to own. Only this Pinto looked brand new, I looked at the licensed plate to see if it was my Pinto. The licensed plate number was not one that I recognized telling me that that Pinto wasn’t mine.   

Across the street from the car storage facility, it looked like a factory loading dock, and a tractor trailer was pulling up and backing into the loading dock. I saw that there were brand new cars that were manufactured in the 1970’s by Ford.

I had in my mind, that I wish I was able to buy those types of cars, they don’t make them anymore. Just as I was pushing the dolly past the tractor trailer that had the Ford made 1970’s ventage cars, I saw a sign on the side of the trailer that said, “Ford 1970’s ventage car sales…” with an 1-800 number that I couldn’t make out on it. Since, my hands were full I decided to move on.

When I was passing the second loading dock, another dock with another tractor trailer filled with cars was backing into the dock. That one had modern cars on it and there wasn’t a sign on the side of the trailer.

When I turned the corner, I saw the car’s show room, the sales man told me that I could pick out which vintage 1970’s car I wanted. So I went back to where the tractor trailer with the Ford model car was to get the phone number so that I can call later on to make a deal.

Then  I continued on looking for my car so that I can load the cat food into the trunk, but still I could not locate the car. This dream experience ended with me continuing to push the dolly filled with cat food looking for my car…

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  1. Poor kitties!

    I had a funny dream myself the other day. I dreamt me, Richard (my friend) and a load of other folks had been left in charge of an hotel. Then some aliens turned up – we didn’t want them in there so Richard and the other guys gave chase. They ran off downtown after them out of sight. Then suddenly I could hear Richard screaming for me to come and help him – I gathered the aliens had turned and were fighting back instead of running. There was, by then, only me and a small kid of about 5 looking after the hotel. I didn’t know what to do but decided I couldn’t leave Richard to his fate so told this 5 year old kid he was in charge of the hotel and charged off downtown to the rescue. The really funny thing was that, all the time this was going on, it was set to some of that silly, frantic ‘chase music’ you get in films.

    I had that music going round my head all day!


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