Interacting with Will & Smith

Coming in after a day working at the government office making the daily bread as a supervising government bureaucrat and after having something to eat. I sat down to relax, I decided to watch an episode of the original Lost in Space series. Yeah, I like to watch those old science fiction series from time to time. Its ironic that I never saw any of the episodes from season three.

While watching season # 3 episode 8 called “Flight into the Future,” where Will Robinson and Smith are stranded in a remote part of a planet. They were experiencing illusions of the future that were generated by an artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence’s motive were to get Will and Smith to leave the planet.

At the tail end of the episode when Will and Smith got to the point of confronting the artificial intelligence, I heard the artificial intelligence reveal itself and the words being uttered. Then while that was happening, I saw a car flying through the air and it was coming down to land on a highway, and when it landed, without stopping the car continued, driving along the highway.

The car was part of the illusion that Will and Smith experienced, it was taking them to the mothership that was suppose to take them back to earth. There were some other type of interaction before the robot destroyed the artificial intelligence.  

The car continued along the highway until it reached Don West and John Robinson, who were looking for Will and Smith. Then there was a period of silence followed by an atmosphere of darkness. Then I saw another episode had started. This is when I realized that my eyes just opened and I was in dreamland. I confirmed it by going back to look at the end of episode 8, and saw what I experienced was not even part of the episode.

I found it interesting that the dream experience was interacting with the events of the episode, except for the variations in the episode were taking place in my subconscious dream world. While the script of what the characters were uttering came from what I heard from the episode playing on the television.  It was like watching TV, except for the TV was external in your head..

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  1. I think that TV can mix into your dreams like that if you fall asleep watching because you’re still hearing what’s on the programme. I sometimes fall asleep watching my DVDs (I don’t have a telly) and, when they’re comedies, I suddenly wake up and laugh at the funny bits even though I was sound asleep when the joke was told – but I still heard and understood it.

    I was also once asleep on a computing shift in the army as I’d had hardly any sleep the night before. The Major was sat next to me and kept asking me things. I was sound asleep when he asked the questions but I kept waking up when he was waiting for an answer and answering his questions.

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    • Something like what you experience with your Major happened to me. I was taking a course and the instructor got mad because he said I was sleeping, but when he gave out the test I was the one who had the highest score,,

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