Stormy Affair

            History was made when a Manhattan grand jury indicted former President Donald Trump on 30 counts of charges related to business fraud. The nature of the charges as been sealed, but the heart of these charges is one that is not related to Trump’s business practices, it is concerning the alleged paying of hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels. 

I suppose inquiring minds would like to take a closer look at Stormy Daniels and how things developed between her and Trump.

Stormy Daniels is best known for her on screen performance in various porn movies, she eventually evolved to become a director and producer of porn movies. I guess one could say that she wasn’t just a floozy.

Stephanie Gregory Clifford (Stormy Daniels) was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had a relative normal childhood until the age of nine when her parents split up. This left her mother struggling to make ends meet as a single mother. However, overtime she would disappear for days, according to stormy, she claims that her mother wasn’t an alcoholic or a drug addict, and it is one of those mysteries in her life as to the reason why her mother will disappear.

As a result of not having her parents around, Stormy began spending more time in the streets and became friendly with a girl in her neighborhood, who Incidentally, lived next door to a predator.

Stormy, being a year and a half older then the girl, saw things for what it was. But felt that she had to protect the girl. This led her to expose herself to dangerous situations in an effort to do the right thing. But the predator ended up molesting her and the girl. The predator only got caught when he attempted to molest another girl who was visiting the neighborhood.    

 Stormy moved out of her mother’s house when she was seventeen because she was constantly having arguments with her mother. Around that time met another girl who stripped on the weekends and made enough money to pay her bills. This led to Stormy also becoming a stripper. One thing led to another, and Stormy did not follow her plans to go to college, she made life as a stripper instead.

Once Stormy became of legal age she became a dancer and moved on to work at a more exclusive club. Being that the club was exclusive putting on shows rather then being a hustle of stripping and lap dances, it was guaranteed money. It led her to being featured in magazines and competing in burlesque concerts.

The money peaked to a certain point for a feature dancer, one could only make so much, unless they were an actual porn star. One of her friends was going to California to be in a porn movie, but her friend didn’t want to travel alone, so Stormy accompanied her friend to California. When Stormy was with her friend on the “Wicked Pictures” movie set, the director took a liking to her and she was offered a part of being an extra. From there she met the “Wicked Pictures” owner and was encouraged to become a porn actor.  

Stormy was featured in the movie with her friend doing a female-on-female role. When the movie shoot was finished Stormy’s friend, returned back to Louisiana, but Stormy decided to remain in California and from there she became a porn star, starring in at least one movie a month.

Stormy attended “The American Championship Golf Tournament” in Lake Tahoe which was a charity event. “Wicked Pictures” sponsored a hole, when the golfers came around the hole, the porn star delegation would give them water and the golfers would take photos with the porn stars.

In addition to the golfers, a lot of celebrities also passed through and were mingling with the porn stars. Donald Trump was among the celebrities that passed through.

Trump was introduced to the porn stars, he took photos with them, and had spent some time speaking with them. But, it was obvious that he favored Stormy. When Trump finished interacting with the porn stars and walked away. One of his bodyguards doubled back and asked Stormy for her phone number because Trump would like to have dinner with her.

Stormy claimed that she told the bodyguard that she doesn’t want to have dinner with Trump and refused to give him her phone number. So the body guard gave her his number and said that if she changed her mind to give him a call.

Stormy was telling her publicist about her encounter with Trump and told the publicist that he asked her to have dinner with him. Stormy alleged that her publicist told her that she should go and have dinner with Trump because it would make a great story and could be interesting. So she texted the number that Trump’s bodyguard gave her and set up the date.    

Stormy alleged that she was told to meet Trump in his room. Trump was supposed to make reservations at a restaurant for the dinner. Stormy claimed that she doesn’t remember if she turned up early or late, but when she got to Trump’s room, Stormy claimed that Trump wasn’t ready to go out. He greeted her wearing silk pajamas.

Stormy allegedly mocked Trump and told him to change, which he did, however, Stormy made claims that instead of going out, she and Trump stayed in the room for the next three hours talking. Stormy also made claims that during her conversation with Trump, that he did not solicit sex, offered her money for sex, or even flirted with her.

That he only asked questions concerning the porn industry, and wondered if there was a Union and asked about movie payment royalties. Trump was even telling her about his experience in Scotland where he had to fight environmentalists when he was constructing a golf course in Scotland. By stormy’s standards, she claimed that the conversation was decent and pretty good. That Trump didn’t come off as being a creep.

Stormy even admitted that she thought that he made a genuine complement when he told Stormy that she reminded him of his daughter. Being a smart and savvy businesswoman.

Then Trump asked her if she heard of his show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” and asked if she would like to be on it. Stormy mentioned that she always get offers to appear in a major network mainstream shows. No matter how gung ho the producers, directors or investors are, when it gets to the network higher up’s they always balk on putting a porn star on mainstream T.V and its always shot down.

Trump told her that he can pick at least one person to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and that his pick cannot be vetoed. Trump asks Stormy if he fights for her to appear on the show, would she agree to be that wild card. It seemed that Trump was excited to be associated with something as scandalous as having a major porn star on a major network high rating show.

When Stormy expressed doubts, Trump mentioned that it would be her opportunity to show the world that porn stars are not stupid and have more then just big tits, plus it would break her into mainstream. When she still expressed doubts of being able to win the celebrity apprentice, Stormy alleged Trump offered to brief her on the challenges so that she can be prepared for it, this will give her an edge.

Stormy stated that during her conversations with Trump, they drank nothing but water, because Trump doesn’t drink, neither did she. After a time, she went to use the bathroom and when she came out the bathroom, Trump was lying on the bed.

Stormy, expressed how she felt seeing Trump on the bed, she approached the bed, then Stormy claimed that the next thing she knows that she was naked in bed with Trump fucking her. Even though she admits that during her interaction with Trump that there was no alcohol or drugs involved, that she does not recall how she ended up in bed with Trump.

It wasn’t until she saw a movie called “Bombshell” that she recalled what happened. She alleged that Trump propositioned her, telling her that if she wanted to be a director and be taken seriously, that people working for him are really out going and that they will do whatever it takes, because there are a lot of other people fighting for the same thing, and many of them are hungry.

I supposed this is when Stormy came to the realization that she indeed undressed and was a willing participant in her romp with Trump. Even though she would not admit it, all she says was that she didn’t give consent, she certainly didn’t say no neither.

There was an opportunist in Stormy’s camp who knew what took place, and who decided to leak what they knew on the Stormy Daniel, Donald Trump affair. Stormy alleges that she has an idea of who the opportunist is but didn’t disclose the person’s name.

Stormy was being pressures into selling her story by a major publication. Stormy was told that they are going to run the story with or without her cooperation, and the person that leaked the information will be the one taking credit and be paid. The publication offered her ten thousand dollars. But for some reason the story was killed.

In 2015 when Trump decided to run for President of the United States, being that a Presidential candidate’s opponents like to dish out dirt on a candidate, plus there are opportunist seeking to cash in by exposing a candidate’s secret. So Trump decided to tie up loose ends.

Trump’s camp got in touch with a wicked pictures lawyer who called Stormy and told her that the Trump campaign wants her to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and to receive a payment.

The Lawyer Keith Davidson had the NDA contract and had her sign the NDA contract. The amount of money that was paid was one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Stormy claimed that she was only wired eighty thousand dollars, after Davidson took out his fees.

Now as we know the whole controversial is concerning where the source of the one hundred and thirty thousand dollars came from. Whether it was from Trump’s personal finances, or from his campaign finances.

America has proven that it can be immature when it comes to sexual matters, and a good sex scandal can bring down powerful people. In Trump’s case, there as been an active witch hunt and an organized effort to get him on some sort of legal charge.

Trump beat two congressional impeachments, but to hold Trumps feet in the fire there have been multiple political charged investigations into his business practices, and the attempted sanctioning of the Trump organization. But the only thing that is the center of it all is the payoff to Stormy Daniels. The allegation is weak, and cannot stand up in court by itself, so his opponents decided to add some undisclosed charges to provide support to the payoff allegation.

Was this done to get Trump from organizing another presidential campaign. It sets a dangerous precedent. Lots of people pay off other people or have them sign a NDA to keep their mouths shut. Can charges be brought up for attempting to keep a lid on information especially if it is a matter of kiss and tell.

Well, let’s see what happens, if anything this whole thing could backfire on the witch hunters.

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  1. That was a really interesting read. I hope the witch-hunters fall flat on their collective arses!

    I had to have a sly giggle when I read about a porno film company ‘sponsoring a hole’ at a golf tournament!


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