Paranormal Wartime Stories

            Just the other day, I came across a post by my fellow blogger John Jr which got my attention. The particular subject was titled, “Incident at Fort Drum an Army Sniper’s Abduction Experience.”

Well, this peaked my interest because I’ve been going to that dreaded post called Fort Drum for almost a twenty year period. I know too well that the atmosphere in the training fields at Fort Drum is sometimes eerie.

 Often after my unit finishes a nighttime artillery fire exercise, I can’t tell that the mist that sometimes appear in the field was because of gun powder smoke residue, or something more.

Come to think about it, the smoke from the gun powder residue dissipates after a couple of minutes, but a mist still lingers on. On a full moon night I swear it looks as creepy as what you see in a Hollywood Werewolf movie.    

Thanks to John Jr’s blog, he has made me become aware of a youtube series called “War Time Stories” where Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen tell their paranormal experience on various military reservations, war ships and on the battlefield.

True_George can attest that there are many types of paranormal activities on military reservations, and in an area where there is on going armed conflict. This is because True_George have witnessed and experienced the paranormal on military bases and in the war zone.

If you decide to check out these stories keep an open mind of why some of the described experiences has not been reported to the media, or why the military personal who experienced the paranormal on bases, or in the field tend to keep it among themselves. 

It is because of the military culture and so called national security interest, with the military authorities keeping things classified. Commanders discouraging the soldier not to report anything that is out of the norm. Even threatening to end their military careers, even going as far as telling the soldier that they did not experience what they experienced.

I can tell ya, that from I’ve heard on the “War Time Stories” Your tube Channel, you won’t be disappointed.


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