The Metal Box

Well, I’m not too sure what influenced this dream, perhaps it was listening to that you tube channel called “Wartime Stories,” about servicemen’s paranormal experiences on various military reservations, war ships and the battlefield. The descriptions of the settings and atmosphere in the field, brings back certain feelings like how you felt in a similar environment and setting.

But, I can tell ya, that even though I’ve been retired for a few years now, I still get the feeling that I’m still in the ranks.

Anyway, this dream experience started out with me in a cantonment area in front of a barracks building. Outside of that building was a big square metal box. The type of metal box you see people put in clothes that they want to donate. Except for this metal box was some sort of dispensary. It was not shown what kind of products was being dispensed. All I knew was that I was told to put some money in the slot.    

The slot was like the ones you see on a US mailbox, except for it was smaller and not deep. You can put your hand in the slot and take out what you put in.

I was told that when I put some money in the slot, that in return I should get more money. So I put in some money in the slot. I waited for a bit, but no money was returned to me.

This is when I thought that it was all a scam. So, I went to take out my money from the machine. I opened the slot, and put my hand in it and felt around for my money. I felt that a lot of things in that slot. Some jewelry and other Knick knacks.

Then two dudes came up to the metal box, they heard the same thing that I heard, and they came to put some money in, to get more money out. I told them my experience, but they didn’t believe me. Other people were getting money out of the machine, and I was the only one that didn’t get anything. They said that I must be doing something wrong, and told me to step aside so that they can put in their money.

I stepped aside, and watched them put in their money. After they put in their money, one of them crouched down to the bottom of the metal box where a flap was located. He opened the flap and I could see bundles of money that looked like 100 dollar bills in the hole that the flap was covering. The dude put his hand in the hole and took out a bundle. His buddy did the same thing and took out another bundle of money. Then they went about their merry way.

I realized that I was indeed doing something wrong, nobody told me about the flap below the metal box. So, I crouched down and opened the flap and saw the bundles of money in the hole and took a few.

I was curious to see whether there will be a bundle of money in the hole regardless if something is put inside the metal box’s slot or not.

I went back to the metal box and crouched down and opened the flap at the bottom of the machine. Sure enough the bundles of money were there for the taking. I took some more bundles, and took it to my room in the barracks building.

Then an officer came and realized that people were getting money out of this metal box. He crouched down to the bottom of the metal box and opened the flap and saw the money.

Instead of taking the money, he uttered that the machine is defective and that he is going to tell the commander. Well, we all know that when the commander finds out about the money giving metal box. He will put a stop to it, and have it repaired.

There were a line of people gathering to get some money from the metal box before the tattletale officer reaches the commander’s office. I was in that line. Then a formation of troops were marching by.

The military tradition of a troop formation marching by is to stop what you’re doing and stand at parade rest until the formation pass you by.   

I did not stand at parade rest, instead I found myself backing up to get out of the formation’s way. The person leading the formation was not happy, she stoped the formation and asked if I was on active duty status.

I told her that I just got back on active status after being on reserve status for a number of years. Then she said that she will excuse me for the violation, that I need to get re-familiarized with military standards. I stood at parade rest. Then she said to look at her rank, I looked and saw it was a star. She asked what that star means. Well, it means that she is a Brigadier General.

I found it hard to believe that a General would be the one leading a formation, that task is usually left to junior grade officers and non-commissioned officers. But, I suppose that a General can do whatever they want. So, I stood to attention and saluted her and then she took the formation and moved on.

After the formation left, I went back in the barracks to get the bundles of money to put in my car just in case the commander decided to do a shake down and confiscate any money he finds that were taken from the metal box.

I put the money in my duffle bag and took it to where my car was parked. To my surprise, I saw someone who was a member of my National Guard reserve unit that I haven’t seen in years.

She couldn’t believe that I was still the same rank. I showed her my combat patch, my combat action badge, my airborne tab and said after all I did to earn those awards, the motherfuckers still didn’t promote me, ain’t that some bullshit.    

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