Speed Boat Chase

After leaving the gov’t office early so that I can arrive home in time to attend the virtual Union delegate meeting. Yes, True_George is not only a supervising government bureaucrat, in addition True_George is the location elected Union Delegate.

Well, after the meeting True_George decided to lay down a bit, well the experience that took place seemed like a movie playing in the subconscious. I was observing the events taking place, and sometimes I was a participant. There were some gaps of distortions, but not as much as you can put two and two together.

The distortion part of the dream was in the beginning, all I knew that the environment was a rural community. The landscape was lush green with spaced out cabins, with a nearby body of water.

The main character, so to speak, resembled that late actor Steve McQueen, except for the skin of this McQueen resemble character was blue. The other characters looked normal.

There was some altercation with guns with the McQueen character attempting to take control of a situation involving a teen aged girl. The girl was wild, and her and her friends were mischief makers.

The girl and her friends took a speed boat and they were moving across the great body of water at a great speed. Before the girl and her friends took the boat, the McQueen character went to the girl’s father and told him that the girl was in trouble, that he needed to get her.

The McQueen character almost caught up with the girl, but not in time before she got in the boat. The boat sped across the open waters, occasionally coming across barriers of private inlets of the various cabins dotted on the lake side.

The inlets were like a driveway, the barrier was like a small levy of dry land. Instead of the speed boat slowing down to go around the inlet, it went across the various levies and across the various water drive ways, almost similar to the speed boat chase on the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die.”  The speed boat kept on going until it reached an uncharted area of the land, and the boat disappeared.

The McQueen character told the father what happened, so the father took out a watercraft, which resembled a flat water ski and jetted over to where the speed boat of teens disappeared.

The McQueen character did not accompany the father on this flat water ski contraption, the person that was the passenger on the flat water ski contraption was me. Viewing the events out of my own eyes as though I was there in person.

We got to the part of the land where we saw the abandoned speed boat, so we had to go close to the riverbank to get on land where we could start searching for them.

But a funny thing happened when we got off the jet ski contraption, and onto land. The McQueen character just appeared out of nowhere. There was no boat in sight, or any indication as to how the McQueen character got to our position.

Then I heard myself pose the question. How did McQueen get here without any transportation? Before I could figure it out, I heard a voice that resembled my older brother’s voice. There was a quick transfer of points of view, I saw that I was in my living room as it resembled when I was a teen living with my parents.

My brother peaked his head in the doorway and said, “don’t you know how McQueen got there? He’s dead!”

I shouted “shut the fuck up! Don’t tell me the ending, I haven’t seen the movie.” I guess when my brother blurted out that the McQueen character is dead, it explained how he was able to just appear out of nowhere.

The beans were out the bag, it wasn’t hard to figure out that the McQueen character was a spirit and that his body is somewhere in the location where we were. That the teens would face a similar fate as the McQueen character if they were not found.

But, the dream never got that far into showing the events what happened on that remote uncharted territory, thanks to the spoiler alert from the voice of big bro.

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