Urban Psychological Trauma

It’s not every day that one comes across a real life example of stressors that can cause psychological trauma, whether the application of those stressors and the damaged the stressors cause are recognized or not.

Well, I came across an episode from a podcast called “Unique Mecca Audio,” that explained aspects of psychological trauma. It was explained and broken down in layman terms using examples from the speaker’s experience.

The speaker is a dude named Wainsworth “Unique” Hall, a former drug kingpin who spent twenty-six years in the Federal Penitentiary system. He talks about his experience on the streets and in the penitentiary with the motivation of steering the young away from the lifestyle that landed him in the Federal Penn.   

During Unique’s self-healing while serving his time in the penitentiary, he decided to take psychology classes to find out something about his mind, and perhaps the origins of its development. Unique admitting that his mind isn’t right, that he needed to resolve some inner conflict.

Unique explains that everything starts in the home, such as the things what a person see that is taking place, the treatment and how and what the parents say to the person when they were a child.

This includes relationships with your siblings, if you were picked on by an older sibling or whether your aunts and Uncles preyed on you instead of being supportive and loving. You may have felt that you were being attacked. This type of stress will result in developing psychological trauma.

Unique speaks on certain behaviors that develops after the traumatic event that happens at home. If you study what he talks about, you can recognize aspects of classic conditioning, and positive and negative reinforcement. Think about your experience, and how it shaped you.

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  1. We never had anything bad happen in our childhood or home life but I’m certainly changing my viewpoint over the years due to some people’s bad behaviour towards me. I don’t put up with their behaviour in any way – the minute someone treats me like that, they’re ‘out’ and I have no more to do with them… but it still leaves a mark and a dent in my personality.

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