God Helmet

            Watching this paranormal series called “28 Days Haunted.” It was some sort of social experiment to prove the theory of famed paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The theory was based on their experience during their paranormal investigations. They discovered it took twenty-eight days before they were able to fully pierce the vail between the living and dead. They had plans to test that theory with other independent paranormal investigators to determine if those independents would have a similar experience. But unfortunately, before they could test the theory both Ed & Lorraine passed away.

Ed & Lorraine’s Son in Law Tony Spera and current chairman of their organization “New England Society of Psychic Research (NESPR)” is putting the twenty-eight-day cycle to the test by documenting it on the series “28 Days Haunted.”

Well, on a particular episode, I saw something that peaked my curiosity when one of the participants used an instrument called “God Helmet.”

It was real interesting when it was explained that the “God Helmet,” uses technology to stimulate the part of the brain that Mediums use and open it up allowing for a person’s psychic ability to become enhanced.

But, unlike a Medium who often have difficulty filtering out specific spirits and maintain a prolong connection. The “God Helmet” acts like a sort of switchboard allowing the user to target a specific spirit and maintain a prolong connection.

I wondered about the existence of this so called “God Helmet,” is it something that is custom made, or is it available for purchase, or was it something that was invented for this program. Inquiring minds went to work, and the result of the work yielded some results. This is what I found out.

The “God Helmet,” was developed by inventor Stanley Korean and Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger. The Neuroscientist Dr. Persinger is known for his work in studying the temporal lobes of the human brain and its correlation to mystical experiences. As well as studying the correlation of the earth’s electromagnetic activity and parapsychology.

According to Dr. Persinger the “God Helmet” works by stimulating the temporal lobes through the passing of a magnetic signal that changes strength every millisecond.

Users have testified that they have experienced phenomenon such as Astral Projection, seeing people’s auras, to having vivid dreams and psychic experiences. Among other types of phenomenon.

It seems that the “God Helmet” is producing the effect that results after progressive meditation, reaching a vibrational state, spiritual experiences that is often reported by those who had years of disciplined practices. Only with the “God Helmet,” the experiences take place withing an instant.

Yes, True_George has found out that the “God Helmet” is available for purchase and is considering purchasing one and see what type of effects that True_George will experience. I suppose this will something to feature in the future once I get it together.

But in the meantime, before that happens, True_George will look more into Dr. Persinger’s work. Starting by checking out this book called “The God Helmet Experiments: The Science that Found God in The Human Brain.” By Author Todd Murphy.

Murphy has taken some of the peer reviewed articles written by Dr. Persinger on the results of his “God Helmet” experiments and rewrote them in laymen terms so that the layman could have a better understanding.

True_George will also look at the original articles from the various scientific journals that Dr. Persinger wrote. Having paid for an expensive education, that included looking at and understanding scientific peer reviewed articles. True_George is confident that he does not need to rely on a third party to interpret the ideas of a scientific author.  


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