Face of an Amish Maidan

While lying on my side in the dark room, thoughts were running through my head, whether it were thoughts that originated from the dream sphere or from within the conscious or unconscious mind can be contemplated. But, did those thoughts manifest the sudden appearance of faces of two unknown people, that is the question.

It was just like the experience I spoke about in the dream journal post called “Sudden Appearance,” well another sudden appearance happened again.

The appearance of a woman’s face. The face was white illuminating amidst the black background of the room. The face was clear, the woman was wearing a bonnet like the one you see that an Amish maiden wear. Her face was unfamiliar to me, the facial features was not of someone that I know.

I suppose my fight or flight senses kicked in, and I threw a punch at this face, but as usual the face disappeared and all I hit was air. Then as my extended arm, came back to my body, another face appeared on the right side and just slightly lower then where the first face appeared.

The second face did not stay long, it was like a light that was turned on then turned off in less than a minute. The second face did not stay long for me to take a good look at it to determine if the face was someone different.

Perhaps it was the same face, that disappeared after I threw the punch. Reappearing for a brief second. I know I shouldn’t have thrown the punch, but it is the unconscious response that I get when I’m surprised by the unknown.

This is something that I need to come to grips and start taking control of the automated responses of fighting when this type of phenomenon takes place. I need to accept that this type of phenomenon is happening and need to take measures to come to terms with it.

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