Artificial Intelligence Takeover

I’ve heard a lot about artificial intelligence lately, there are pros and cons, but in the long run it seems that the AI will carve out its own existence. I don’t really know what influenced this dream concerning video games and AI, I guess it is something to ponder, or perhaps there is a hidden message.

It started out with me being involved in some sort of gaming competition and being a poor gamer, I decided to get a gaming system to practice upgrading my gaming skills.

The system had a giant screen that was so big that it was heavy and could fit on the entire wall. The system itself was kind of sophisticated state of the art. Something that I have not seen before, yet that kind of system appeared in this dream.

This is the big question, because in reality, I’m not a gamer, I don’t use my brain cells contemplating on gaming, so where did the subconscious get the knowledge or even a model of manufacturing a gaming system, is another thing that needs to be pondered. A friend of mine came by and we started to play the game.

The game itself was a 3-dimensional kind of space invader game, where you had to eliminate the incoming rockets. How hard you hit them and the points you get depends on the strategies you use. You can stay one place and eliminate the incoming fire, or you can move your piece which looked like the Star Wars death star globe and take the fight to the source. It was something like that, but there were some more aspects to this game that I cannot find the words to describe.

While we practiced, we found that there were different levels to the game. If you can’t progress, you will be sent back to the beginning to try again until you develop the skill to progress. The game was addictive, but once in the AI controlling the system would not let you out. You can only pause the game in the position where you left off, but once you’re in you’re in and it was no getting out of it.

Then another friend of mine, stopped by. This friend resembled SSgt. SS one of my fellow Soldiers that was a long time member of my National Guard unit. When he saw my system, he said that he was glad that I finally got a gaming system, especially a sophisticated one, and he suggested that  I should come and join his club. SS had a gaming club where they would meet and play for high stakes.

I agreed and went to his gaming club in his apartment which was on the upper floor from my apartment and found that the members were playing the same game that I was practicing on. When I signed onto his system, I was not brought into a brand-new game session, but my game and level automatically popped up. Bringing me to the position I was in when I paused the game on my system. The AI’s from the various gaming system were communicating with each other.

Then an instruction came from the AI to install some type of unit in the lobby of the building, there were various cameras on the unit. There was a similar unit that looked like the unit from my SS gaming system that the AI wanted me to install in another location in the lobby. 

No one could leave the building or come into the building without the AI’s knowledge. While I observed some of the gaming members play, they gradually disappeared. They were  being transported directly into the game as game participants.

My thoughts were like this is going to end up like what was going on in the movie “The Matrix.”  I didn’t want any part of it, and I went to the lobby to get out the building.

But the AI detected that I was going to escape, and when I was at the lobby doors, the AI program the doors to shut keeping me in. I was lucky that there were other people coming into the building as I was leaving.

Even though the AI programed the doors not to allow me to leave, people were allowed to come into the building. When the people coming from outside into the building opened the door to come in. I dashed out while the door was open making my escape.

After I made my way outside the building, I was no longer a participant in the dream, I watched as the dream events unfolded.

The next scene that played out. I saw the squad room of the T.V show “Law and Order: SVU.” Yep, I even saw the characters as they appeared on the show. They were talking about conducting an operation to investigate the AI and spoke about planting an undercover agent.

At this point the gaming as evolved to incorporate many other people and that they were actually taking over the city controlling everything. The SVU detectives were tasked to bring the AI to an end.

The got an operative into the building where everything started and got a known criminal to be their informant. He was to infiltrate the gaming club and inform the SVU detectives what is going on so that they can find a way to stop the AI.  

The figure that was the informant was reluctant, but agreed and when he started playing the game, he was transported directly into the gaming system to participate. The dream didn’t show me what was taking place directly in the virtual environment. But I got a sense that an artificial world was created and the people that were transported into the gaming system as a participant thinks that they were in the real world.  

However, there were some individuals who knew the truth and were making efforts to escape. The informant was one of them who made the effort to escape, but he was not successful. So one of the SUV detectives, the Ice Tea character went in to see what he can find out.

It was a grim feeling to find out that there was nothing that can be done to stop the AI takeover, the AI’s are gradually swallowing up humanity and placing them into the virtual world. But still there were resistance from a small amount of individuals.

The Ice Tea character was one of those individuals, he needed to get back and let the other detectives know that they are not equipped to stop the AI’s in the real world.

The AI’s had their inner police tracking those that found a loop hole in the software and escaped. I saw the Ice tea character being chased and he jumped out the virtual reality back into the so called real world.

But, the people in the real world looked like phantoms, when the virtual Police were at the jump point into the real world. When the Ice tea character made the jump, and the virtual police followed him. The real-world characters made themselves invisible so the virtual police could not detect them.

As the Ice Tea character entered back into the real world, the virtual police didn’t detect anyone else, so they thought the Ice Tea character was alone. The virtual police were sucked back into virtual reality. When the virtual police disappeared back into the virtual environment, the real-life people reappeared, but they were floating as phantoms. 

I observed these events concluding that there is no way to stop the AI takeover. I suppose the SVU detectives should call in Morbius and the gang from the Matrix for them to oppose the AI take over.

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  1. That’s one helluva long and complicated dream! And quite scary.

    I’m anti-AI just for the fact that all the automation is taking over real people’s jobs and soon there won’t be any! Also, if you get a robot to deal with on a help desk, it can be really irritating!


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