On The Bridge

This experience was kind of interesting, not only for the events that took place, but how vivid the images were. In this experience I was both an observer and participant.

It started out at some military camp garrison where the commander was planning a convoy through a city. The challenge was to cross this bridge without getting attacked.

In some retrospect this military group took some pre-cautions. The commander of the group told the General that he had a team of people do a sweep of the area before the convoy was due to arrive at the bridge. The sweep team detected no presence of explosives.

As the convoy was passing through the bridge and the commander, feeling at ease, decided to ride in a convertible showing off his presence.

But the unthinkable happened, a bomb exploded and ripped through the convoy causing military and civilian casualties.

You can imagine that the General was pissed, and that heads will have to roll over this incompetence. So now an investigation was open to determine what happened.

The scenery changed to the city office that was in charge of the bridge. The office was located above the bridge where they was a bird’s eye view of the bridge. Everything can be seen, the commander in charge of the unit was angry because nobody told him that the office existed. To top that off, there was a document that leaked that someone was going to plant a bomb above the bridge. What compounded the whole scandal is that the whole thing was being watched by the civil servants in that office above the bridge.

The General wasn’t happy and he sent men to occupy the office and make a better plan for the next convoy to pass through the bridge.

This time he had a team stationed on top of the bridge and made sure that all civilian workers presence on the bridge suspended.

Then the scene changed to that of recruits doing some sort of training exercise. The recruits were female, the uniform they had on only covered their upper bodies. They were naked from the waist down. Then I saw that they were being whipped on the buttocks.

I was shocked to see the subconscious manufacturer this type of imagery, it looked more like these recruits are being tortured. I even heard myself uttered “this is nothing but abuse.”

After a while the imagery faded away, and another imagery of a barracks appeared. It was a typical barracks nothing out of the ordinary. It looks like troops were there during a pause in training. But, that scenery didn’t last long. There was a sudden change of scenery.

The scenery changed to the river where the bridge was built on; only it the scenery appeared to a time before the bridge was constructed. All that was in the river were the structural towers. I could see Soldiers in boats in front of those structural towers, the river’s current was rough, and the boats were bobbing up and down.

This is where this dream ended, with no real conclusion, if you ask me, the whole thing just doesn’t make any sense.

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