Mob Retribution

            It was a typical day at the government office where I make my daily bread as a government bureaucrat. I was on the government computer processing some government bureaucratic work, while waiting for the processing to conclude, it seemed that my eyes got a bit heavy. Nothing unusual due to processing government bureaucratic work can sometimes be a boring task. But, as my eyes got heavy and the body went into relaxation mode, I started to see vivid images.

It started out with me visiting a relative overseas. The unidentified country looked like some type of island, perhaps in the Caribbean or South Pacific. I was with the relative, she was a landowner or landlord. She said that she had to check up on her property and she left to go to that property.

The nation was in the midst of some kind of civil unrest; I’m not too sure what the dispute was about. But, it had to do with problems between landowners, landlords and tenants. The tenants perhaps people other then tenants were involved in staging civil unrest and violent retribution.

I was a bit concerned about my relative and decided to go look for her. I was on the family land, since only family members lived on that land, that area was not engulfed in the civil unrest.

Now, I’ve been to the property that was rented out before, so I knew more or less where to go and find it. It was recommended that I not leave from where I was, but my thoughts were since I’m an outsider, I might get away with not being the subject of violence.

As I was going from area  to area, I saw that there were people being violently grabbed up, but the images showed that most of the victims were elderly women.

I saw a vivid image of a group of men with bully clubs pinning two elderly women on a car and was using the bully clubs to push them around. Causing them physical harm in a brutal manner.

I was kind of disgusted when I saw what was happening. My instinct was to go and help those helpless elderly women. But, I was powerless to do anything, because if I did, the crowd would have turned on me. Reluctantly, I had to leave those elderly women to their fate.

Then, as I was walking, I saw another group of men with at least three woman who appeared to be middle aged. They had those women pinned against the wall and were shouting at them. As I passed by, I could hear the ringleader violently slapping up and man handling those women.

I wanted to intervene and stop the abuse, but I was only one man against the crowd, no police around plus I was an outsider so I was not in a position to be of any help. I had to move on and get to where my relative was to at least give her a fighting chance.

I was searching for the property, moving among the rioting violent crowd, but I couldn’t find the property. I searched the entire area with no success. So I decided to head back towards  the family land.

I navigated through the violent area making my way back to the family land. Thinking that my relative was a victim of the circumstances, and what kind of violent retribution that she experienced. It was not a pleasant thought.

Then, it was back to reality, my eyes opened to see that the computer finished processing the programed bureaucratic work and was sitting there waiting for me to save the work.

Pondering the images of violence against helpless elderly and middle aged females perpetrated by a rioting male crowed just gave me sick feeling, making me ponder why did the subconscious manufacture such images, and what influenced it.

Perhaps it was the energy in the government office. The public coming into the government building for government assistance tend to be a class of people harboring negative thoughts, frustration and be socially problematic. The energy that they bring and exert in the government building atmosphere and leaving a negative energetic implant could have been a factor.

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