Adventure on the Astral Plane


Before inducing the out of body experience (OBE) through the self-hypnosis method I had to get my body in a relaxed state. I had loosened up the back muscles, and relived tension from shoulders, and back of the neck, using the techniques that I had learned from the Yoga classes that I used to take. Once the tension in the neck and back were reduced I began to put myself under hypnosis starting with the breathing exercise. I done three sets of deep breathing with a count of 1-10; then I started to count down from 35-0 to put myself under. Before closing my eyes, I fixed the eyes on an imaginary spot on the window frame that was above the table with the candles. This is a hypnotic induction method that will get the eyes tired. When I had closed my eyes the view of the wall and the window and its frame was like it was embedded, because I could still see it. The only reason I knew my eyes were shut, was because the surroundings were black. After a few seconds the image of the window and its frame faded, the pupils started to flutter, I decided not to close the eyelids so tight. I also realized that I had to let the facial muscles relax, as well as the body muscles. Once the muscles relaxed the eye pupils stopped fluttering. I had moved the pupils downward, I could see the light that the candles were giving off; I moved the pupils upwards to the original position to the imaginary spot under the window frame. I had in my mind to relax the body to the point where it cannot feel anything, and to where the body is asleep.



As I counted down from 35-0 nothing seemed to be happening, I had to do it three times, while doing it I put out the question, are there any beings with a message? And does anybody need help? Nothing was happening so I said an induction to see if anything will happen. I said “I will see what’s there to be seen, I’ll hear what’s there to be heard, and feel what’s there to be felt.” On the third countdown, I saw that I could see the wall. I could see the candles, and to my right I saw the bike that I have in the room. I could see everything in the room even though my eyelids were closed. I saw the table where the candle was on. However, I noticed some variations in the room. A chair was added to the left side of the table where the candles were on, even though in reality there is not enough space to put a chair in that location. Also on my left there was a wooden picture frame. Those were the exceptions to what is not in the room in reality.

Leaving the body


I found that I was taken out of the chair that I was sitting in; I was taken out of the room to the window in the next room. When I looked out of the window, I saw nothing but blue, and white then I was taken further outside; the blue turned out to be the sea, and the white were the rocks, as I was floating about, I could see that I was at a resort. I wondered why I was taken to this place. I had started to scan the people to see if anybody that I know were there. I did not see anybody that I knew.

2nd Location


Then I was taken to a house, there was a woman sitting at a table, the chair was on the top left side of the table. She was there going through some papers, I did not remember what exactly happened, however going through the house I had seen a piece of furniture that resembled the one that belong to my parents. It was a glass cabinet, with the plates and glasses and other fine china inside. It left me wondering where I was.

My Room

astral projection my room

After that I returned back to the room where I was in. When I returned to the room I was floating in the air, I could see everything in its place, except for I did not see me sitting in my chair; the chair was empty. Then I had seen a being (entity), he resembled an old man, and he was getting ready to sit in the chair. Recognizing that I am the one that is supposed to occupy the chair, I had grabbed him by the arm and swung him away from the chair, he ended up in the corner of the room, then when he went to get up, I had stretched out my arms and out of my palm charkas I threw out some energy. The energy pushed him outside the room; he did not return.


astral woman

Another entity appeared. This time it was a woman. It looked as though she wanted some help. She was speaking another language. At first I did not understand what she was saying. I told her to repeat what she was said. The language changed to what I recognized as being Spanish. It sounded like she was looking for her daughters. It was still hard to understand her; I asked her who her daughters? She wrote their names on the window that is in the room, I cannot recall the exact names, but I recognized the surname name as being “Luna” or “Nunez” one or the other, then the language that she was speaking changed. She started to speak English. She said that her two daughters were also travelers, and she was asking if I could protect them.



One of the daughters appeared; I asked if she had a spirit guide? Or what happened to her spirit guide? She pointed and said look. When I looked, directly to the back and above her I saw three beings. They were white; the one in the middle was on a cross, and on each side of him stood the other two. It resembled the picture of Jesus when he was crucified; he even had the crown of thorns. I said to myself, maybe there is something about this Christian and god thing. Then the being on the cross turned, and winked at me. I Saw the other two beings pick up something and carried it on their backs. The appearance of one of them changed to that of a Roman Gladiator. I felt the need to defend myself. I had assumed a fighting stance. The gladiator had weapons; however I was successful in disarming him. As the disarmed being fell on the floor, the other one moved in, I perceived that they were not following some type of the rule. Then a piece of clothing appeared in my hands, and I used it has a weapon and defeated the Gladiator. The Gladiators left after their defeat.


astral_projection entities

After that event was over I had noticed that the room door was open. It seems the lock was pried off; then I saw some clothes hanging on the door handle. Then I saw that a being was moving in. I had told him that this room is off limits until I have finished my self-hypnosis, he did not agree, so I punched him in the face, and prevented him from entering the room. He went and got a mediator, I got a feeling that the mediator was in charge of the premise, there was a negotiation, but in the end I had my way. After that I came out from under the trance. After I had come out of the trance I noticed that my left arm was stiff, and that the muscles in my back and leg where as though they were tightened up.



It was interested that the first time I saw white beings, it appeared as Jesus on a cross with two others standing below the cross on each side. The two other beings changed their appearance to that of Roman Gladiators. I feel that the way Jesus is prorated today is totally incorrect. Also I do not believe that there is a supreme being, especially one that is unseen and unheard. I put all the beings in the same category, the concept of good and bad being a matter of ones point of view and interpretation. However there are insincere and deceitful beings, human and spirits. I don’t know if there was some type of message being conveyed.

What is your analysis?

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