SuperPowers = Exploitation

While growing up I was an avid collector of super hero comic books. I thought I was pretty good until I met this dude Erick. Man, he had so much Super Hero comics from the late 50’s all the way to the present, hell he could have opened his own comic book dealership. Well, I got to thinking about the powers that all those super hero’s process. I guess that in our world those powers are indeed a fantasy. I say this because human behavior is a motherfucker when it comes to exploitation and domination. If one human being have an advantage over the others they will use those super powers to effectively take what they want, control who they want and destroy anyone, or thing that gets in their way. Things will be done for selfish reasons, not for the greater good. Don’t be too surprise if they decide to call themselves a god and expect all the powerless humans pay homage. So you see in this world of ours I would not long to have a super power. I like being a human being with all the pros and cons. The human journey is spiritual as well as physical, the challenges are there and challenges will be overcome. No super powers for me in my world and beyond.

A Bird, a Plane, You!

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