The Man’s Voice


When I saw this question about my blog being turned into an audio book if I could choose anyone to narrate the posts, from my Grandma to Samuel L. Jackson, Who would it be? Well the thought of this makes me laugh. Who is the best person to narrate my own thoughts? Let’s look at it this way. When Charles Dickens wrote his novel “The tale of two cities,” the person who read it to audiences in public was no other then Charles Dickens. When Alex Haley wrote the Autobiography of Malcolm X, who was the person who narrated the events of Malcolm X’s life? Think, about it, I’ll give you a hint…could it be Malcolm X. Do you get my drift? Sorry Samuel Jackson, you’re better off cussing someone out in a movie. Sorry Grandma, I love you, but this isn’t your inner thoughts. So I guess you know the answer to the question of today’s prompt. The best person to narrate my thoughts if this blog were to be turned into an audio book is me. Anyone other than me will not do my inner thoughts justice.

Voice Work


  1. I didn’t even consider choosing myself – but you do make a valid point, who else could be better at articulating the subtleties and nuances of the writing than the person who actually wrote it.

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  2. Seems to be a common thread in this prompt. I am one of the few who chose someone else. I would love to have my blog voiced over by the movie voice guy!!! Don LaFontaine if he was still alive, but any deep, enunciating voice will do. I admit, I did ponder saying myself as well.

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