Hybrids: Man’s Attempts

I’ve given a meta-physical explanation about the origins of human hybrids; could there be some actual truth to all this? Well actually there is plenty of evidence that giants once roamed the Earth (https://truegeorge.com/2015/03/08/giants-myth-or-reality/). The origins and destruction of the giants and other human hybrids happened because of an extraterrestrial intervention ( https://truegeorge.com/2016/01/30/hybrids-origins-destruction/). This also leads me to the story of how it was discovered that attempts were made to terminate cross breeding of the human being with non-human species.

The Scientist

ivanovDuring the early 20th century one of the pioneers of artificial insemination was a Russian scientist Llya Ivanov. He is noted for work in breeding horses through artificial insemination. However his work went beyond breeding horses because he was also a specialist in Intraspecific Hybridization. Ivanov received a grant from the Soviet Department of Scientific Institutions to proceed in a project to create human-ape hybrids. Now during the early 20th century since there was success in creating hybrids of animals of related species such as the Zhorse which is a cross breed of a Zebra and horse, the Zeedonk a cross between the Zebra and donkey, zubron a cross between the European bison and cow and various combinations of vermin, rabbits and guinea pigs. Ivanov asserted that it may be possible to create a human hybrid by crossing the human with apes because genetically apes are the closest relative to humans. For example genetically a zebra has 46 chromosomes and a horse has 64 chromosomes, which produced a hybrid. It was feasible that there would be success in creating a hybrid human with an ape since humans have 46 chromosomes and apes have 48 chromosomes.

Hybrid Experiments


Now remember this was early 20th century rationalization and there were other human-ape experiments being conducted at the time. One such experiment was done by the Pasture Institute in France where a well-known Surgeon Serge Voronoff grafted ape testes into the testes of aging men in hopes of regaining their vigor under a procedure called “Rejuvenation Therapy”. Another well-known experiment, this one conducted by Ivanov was the planting of human ovaries into a female Chimpanzee and inseminating the female Chimpanzee with human sperm. What was the outcome of these type’s experiments? Well, if enough readers ask me then perhaps I’ll look into it, but until then just note that what I’m saying is documented facts.

Cross Breeding Humans with Apes

Comparison of apes and Man

Ivanov took his work to Guinea he planned to capture chimps and inseminating them with human sperm and he also planned to inseminate the chimp’s sperm into a human female. However none of the local women would agree to it. So Ivanov attempted to do it without their knowledge under the pretense of giving them a physical exam. Ivanov’s plans failed. The Chimps who were inseminated with human sperm failed to conceive and when the French Governor of Guinea got wind of Ivanov’s plan to inseminate ape sperm into women he forbade it. Ivanov had to leave Guinea. He came back to the Soviet Union with some of the apes he captured and continued on with his work. This time got five Russian women who volunteered to be inseminated with an ape’s sperm. However there were setbacks and the ape that was chosen died and before Ivanov could find a replacement. Then Ivanov became a victim of Stalin’s widespread purge of scientists. Under the pretense of misappropriating government fund Ivanov was arrested and sent into exile, after his release a few years later Ivanov died without meeting his goal.

Fused Chromosomes

fused chromosomes

Knowing of these various attempts to cross humans with apes, Ivanov and other Scientists discovered that genetically their attempts failed because the human being chromosomes are fused. By the mid-20th century and the discovery of other species of humans such as the Neanderthals, and Denisovans Scientific studies discovered that these earlier humans had 24 chromosomes in comparison to the modern human which we all know have 23 chromosomes. The technology of the mid-20th century revealed that the human chromosome # 2 is fused. The technology of the early 20th and mid-20th century determined that the fusion of the human chromosome prevents any cross breeding between human beings and non-human species. It wasn’t until the ending of the 20th century in the 1990’s when the technology decoded the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) scientist got a better understanding of human genetics, and it was discovered that the fusion of the human chromosome was not a natural occurrence. It was something that could only be engineered in a laboratory.

E.T Intervention


Does this reeks of extraterrestrial intervention? Here is the twist, today’s technology also revealed the fusion of chromosomes in other animal species. It seems to me that extraterrestrial intervention runs deep. The point is that there have been scientific attempts made to prevent the cross breeding of the Earth’s animal species by unknown forces. Since Ivanov’s day experiments and the process cross breeding has continued well into the late 20th century and continuing into the 21st century. When it comes to human hybrid creation the results have not been made public, but I guess if there was any real success we would have known it by now.

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