Range War


Just had some thoughts running around in my head, all based on this strange dream of mine. So right about now you will be exposed to it.  Had this strange dream that went something like this. I was walking on the street when I came across one of those old brown stone houses. In front of the house were four white sheeted robes. Look like the outfits that the KKK wear. I thought to myself, strange thing that the KKK would make themselves visible in this neighborhood. There are people living here who would not tolerate their presence. I walked down a couple of more feet then I saw a structure that looked like a large indoor range. This peaked my curiosity; I looked in the ballistic window and saw that the range has the capacity for someone to use a weapon of the large capacity or military grade weapons. The range was private but I decided to see if I would be able to use it. When I attempted to go inside two dudes appeared. They blocked me from coming in, a conversation took place don’t remember much of it. But my gun appeared and I showed them that I have a gun and will use it if I have too. Then I left and walked a couple of more feet down the street. I saw another range. I went inside. This range was also the type of range where one could practice with large caliber weapons and military grade weapons. I saw a line of people; it was men wearing suits. They are members of the Fruit of Islam the security arm of the Nation of Islam. Everyone had their weapons waiting their turn to shoot at targets. Then I saw another group of people, this time it was old women. Old grandma women with weapons lining up waiting their turn to shoot. Something mentioned that the Black Muslims and black people are getting ready for the civil war. Then along with my pistol a military grade M4 appeared in mine hands. My turn was coming up to shoot.

This got me pondering. A civil war in the modern day United States would be disastrous. Just look at the Syrian civil war. That conflict is slowly engulfing its neighbors and foreign powers into some type of involvement. Fractions of organized military forces that build up the might, and management to be able to attack another nation and take over its cities. The number of people fleeing from the conflict has turned into a humanitarian crisis. Now imagine the same condition only when it comes to the U.S having a civil war the conditions will be ten or twenty times worse. There are a lot of foreign powers who is likely to interfere, arm fractions on both sides send in advisors and do what the US and others and have done to other countries and are now doing in Syria.

The last civil war that the US had was because individual states decided to leave the Union. Times have changed, now a possible civil conflict will be about one group having privilege over another. No sense of justice and feelings of being hunted by and harass by civilian security forces. Even if they are well organized and commit terrorist acts. It will only amount to a rebellion put down by those same civilian security forces. But for a full fledge civil war it will depend on the armed forces. Now think about it. The last two big overthrow of gov’t that happened had a common denominator. That was that the armed forces did not stand firm. They were divided. Military units defected to the rebels. When they defected they took the military grade weapons,  other equipment and tactical knowledge and capability with them. So you see defecting military units are the key to give a rebel group life to fight the gov’t. Yeah, one might say that armed citizens are the key to fight gov’t tyranny, The 18th century notion to keep a gov’t in line. Perhaps 200 years ago it would work. But now unless the armed citizens can defeat the combined armed forces then then it will not happen. Sorry all you pro 2nd amendment people. The concept of arming citizens to fight gov’t tyranny is not practical in these modern times.


  1. Hello True George,

    I imagine current events and the news were possible inspirations for this dream.

    I agree that getting enough of the military to support you and/or to stay out of it is important in situations like that.

    -John Jr

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    • Something that crossed my mind first there was talk about arming yourself because Obama is moving to take away gun ownership rights. Of course Obama didn’t didn’t anything of the sort. Now I hear arm yourself to defend against Police aggression, now there is talk about arming yourself when Trump becomes President. Unless you belong to an organized militia with intelligence and logistics capabilities they may have a chance of being a real threat. Otherwise rebels would have to be able to defeat the combined armed forces of the US to take over. Good luck, to those who can give a company of Marines problems and live to tell the tale….

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      • Yep, and they will probably use drone strikes and other types of aerial attacks now instead of using infantry if they can which is even harder to defend against or detect.

        Instead of a take over, which would be very unlikely and too hard to maintain control of, independence/secession of a small area or group would probably be a more likely goal of any group rebelling within a country like The United States.

        That are just causing a lot of damage and annoyance for as long as they can to get the government to accept certain terms.

        -John Jr

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