Saving The Babe


                       I went to bed around 6:00am after spending a considerable amount of time on the Internet; I had the following dreams:

The first dream that I had I can vaguely remember it. But, I recalled that I was at a construction site; the construction site was big and I was trying to navigate it. The dream itself had something to do with the neighborhood where I work. I could see the wood planks of the construction site, the rest of the dream I cannot remember, but I had the feeling that I had this type of dream before. The scene looked familiar, however the events that took place is not clear…

What happened in this second dream was also cloudy; the dream itself first took place in the third person point of view. This means that I was watching myself as though I was in a video.

I saw myself in the sea saving a woman who was drowning. The woman did not look familiar to me, I swam up to her and got to her in time. I had her in my grasp and like a life guard I was swimming to shore with her. At that point a thought crossed my mind and I said to myself, that according to Nero Linguistic Programming (NLP), I could associate, or disassociate myself in a dream at will. So I thought that it would be better if I should experience this dream in the first person point of view (associated). This means seeing the events as a participant. I began to say an affirmation in my head; “that’s me and I want to be there” … “I want to be there” … “I want to be there,” “that woman is so beautiful, I want to be there;” The scene changed from third person to first person. I was now involved in the dream as an active participant.

I pulled the woman to the shore; the beach looked like the beach on Bay watch, Hawaii. When we were on the shore, the woman was smiling; and I was on top of her, we began kissing then we started to have sex….

After that I woke up because I realized that I was going to be late for drills, the time was 8:20am.

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