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spirit guide

I had gone through the motions of doing my regular self-hypnosis meditation exercise; first I performed the relaxation exercise and after that I did the count down from 75. I turned off the light because it was too bright, and I thought it was a distraction. It took some time before anything happened; I had to repeat the count down three times. The first countdown, I saw shades of light. It seemed that my eye pupils would not stay fixed. The second countdown, I saw some pictures that faded in and out. I saw what appeared to be stairs, and a man wearing a white shirt, and dark pants. He was climbing up the stairs (his back was going towards me), and he went through a door. Then that picture faded out; on the third count the background color turned from black to blue. Then, there was what appeared to be a ball hurled towards me the closer it got the bigger it became. The figure of the ball came in sequence with the blue background. The blue background began to swirl around, slowly I began to see an opening, at first I saw the door in the room where I was; then the opening appeared to close down; the blue color appeared, then the hole opened back up. This time I saw three women; it looked like they were having a party, they were dancing. I felt like I was sitting upright and that the women were dancing for me. Three of them were dancing in front of me, and a fourth one appeared; she was a my left shoulder, I only saw her from the waist down. The one on the right was closer to me; she started to talk; however the language that she spoke was not English. I could not identify the language; I thought maybe she’ll understand Spanish since she did not speak English. I had asked her a question in Spanish. The way I communicated with her was through my thoughts (can’t recall what those thoughts were) and not by moving my mouth and talking. The woman heard my thoughts; she had given me an answer in Spanish. Then I opened my mouth, and I said in English, “are you my guide? she then spoke to me in English, she said, “yes I am your guide.”  She said that her name is Natalie.

After she said who she was and told me her name the other female figures that were dancing in front of me stopped dancing. When they stopped dancing; Natalie and one of the female figures said to me to come with them. I found that I could not get up from the chair, so each one of them took an arm and helped me to get up. I felt that I got up and as I was walking with them I asked the other woman to tell me her name. She told me her name, however I cannot recall it. Natalie said that she either wanted to take me someplace, or she had to take me someplace. She gave me a hood to put on because she said that the condition outside was not good. The hood covered up my mouth, and nose. When we went outside I had asked her where are we she said that we were on Jupiter.  Outside did not appear to be windy or dusty. There was snow on the ground, I knew it was cold, I just don’t know how bitter it environment was. I found that Natalie was moving faster than me so I followed her; she took me to a parking lot and she opened the iron gate at the entrance. I was taken to a black car; it might have been a limousine. There were some people around the car; they might have been on lookers. The car’s back door opened she told me to go inside. When I went inside, I saw a man that was in shock. I told the person who was attending the man that he is in shock and need CPR. I loosened his clothing, his boots were already loosened, and then I used my hands and applied pressure on his chest in performance of CPR. After a while he started to breath on his own, and he also regained conscience. He thanked me, and I told him that this is what I do (must have been as far as helping people because I am not in the health profession and do not do CPR on a regular basis). When that was finished, I did not see Natalie anymore; I lingered in the state for a while; I’m not sure how many minutes before I came out of it.

I don’t know if this unique experience had anything to do with the positioning of the eyes.  I had my eye pupils fixed in the position as though I was looking between my eyes. I did it  because I have read something that one can see through the so called third eye while doing self-hypnosis if the put their pupils in that position. I was thinking about that, and then l remembered that some of the eye fixation method allows the pupils to be in that position anyway

As far as giving that man CPR, it was something that recurred. I remembered that I had dreamed of performing CPR on the same man in the same car in separate dreams. As to why I was taken there again is not clear to me.

As far as remembering the second woman’s name, maybe I felt her name wasn’t important, I don’t know why I can’t remember her name. I have to keep in mind to ask questions to any entity that I see while having these types of experience.

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  1. Hello True George,

    This experience had an interesting combination of things like using different language, the planet Jupiter of all places, remembering a name, and the reoccurring CPR scene which / that I wonder what that could mean or represent.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


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