Wacky Tacky

doja cat

Came across two videos that one could rank as being the worst made videos so far this year; and the lyrics to are kind of funny that you have to laugh. The scary thing about these videos is that it actually appeals to people. They were the topic of a lot of reviews on you tube. The first one is by a relative new artist called Dojo Cat. Well I’m not even going to describe what she does it is off the hook. I let you be the judge, I laughed when I first saw this, wondering if anyone will waste money buying this type of tackiness.


The other video is a Reggaeton song by a Puerto Rican artist called Barbie Rican doing a feat with a rapper on the Reggaeton circuit called Jamsha. Don’t know too much about them; except for Barbie Rican fixes her self-image to look like a Barbie doll. You don’t have to speak Spanish to get an idea what this is all about. The funny thing about it was the way how they put it.  You may recognize some English linking up the Spanish to make this song work. But as far as being graceful, I don’t think so. Another wacky tacky creation that is so awful that people end up liking it.


I told ya that they were wacky tacky……



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