Searching For The Host


After resting for the night and when the morning dawned upon the world I was lying in bed on my left side when I heard a voice shout in my ear “watch out!” then I felt a warm air come from the left side of my ear, and made itself down my body. I attempted to circulate the energy as a defense measure against a possible extra physical intrusion but the energies was dense and was not moving. The warm air went through my body and then it dissipated; after the dissipation of the warm air I found that I was able to move the energies again. I circulated my energy around for a period of about five minutes. After that the environment feeling returned to normal.  The funny thing about it was that the voice sounded like mine. I don’t know if this was a message, or a warning, or just to alert me that the warm energy wave was coming.

 Later on during the day I was doing some self-hypnosis/ meditation; after going through the motions I found myself was traveling outside the body; I went on the street and searching for a building which I believed it to be where M lived. I know M because she is the host of the 7th path hypnosis practice group and the meetings takes place in her apartment. M is a fine figure of a woman and she as an nontraditional job working at the famed bar Scores. Why was I searching for her is another matter.  While I searched for the building and street I came across a street that I’d  seen before and believed that M’s apartment was in a three story brownstone. I went into the brown stone; I smelt the incenses that M uses and everything in the apartment looked like what M have in her apartment. However there was a cot in the middle of the living room floor and it had a man sleeping in it; then I saw who I believed to be M come out of her bedroom and kissed the man. I could see that she was occupied so I left a note for her to call me if she perceived that I was there. I had a good mind to call her to see if what I saw indeed happened once I get back to the physical and out of the meditation state.

After having the thoughts of being back in the physical I found that I was back in body and I came out of the hypnotic/meditative state.

However this time around I reflected on this experience and the memory was so vivid that I realized that the building that I entered was not M’s building because she lived in an apartment building not a brownstone and that the street did not resemble her street. Yes, I remembered that I’ve been on that particular street in the past but cannot recall exactly the location of the street, but I do remember the house and the street layout. Maybe the answer will come to me in the future. It isn’t usually that the thought comes when I am in the midst of being engaged in some other activity…

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