I was engaged in doing another project of putting together subliminal C.D’s which I was hoping to sell; and as I was relaxing and waiting for one of the software programs to download I cracked open the room door. The software program finished down load and I went to work making the subliminal recording; after that was done I lying on my bed waiting for the computer to complete the processing of the subliminal CD then to my surprise, I saw the room door opening up further stopping when it was wide enough for someone to walk through.

Afterwards I saw a shape come into the room the figure stopped by the ironing board and it turned around and bent over as though it was doing something. Then I took a good look at the figure; slowly the figure’s presence started to become clear visually.  I saw that the figure was a woman; I saw her from the neck down; her arms and torso to the waist; from the waist down to the legs were invisible; and from the neck up to the face was invisible. Maybe my third eye did not open enough for me to completely scan the figure and those details were left out. I would have liked to see what she looked like. After she did what she had done by the wall she turned and walked out the door and when she walked out she the door in its original position..

I had suspected for some time that something opens the door and comes in whenever I leave the door cracked open. It happened a few times, but I could not detect or see any extra physical being, or entity. The day of this experience marked the first time I saw the spirit. Being in the moment when I only saw the torso and arms and that from the waist down was invisible and that from the top of the torso the neck and head was also invisible, it didn’t occur to me that I was witnessing seeing a ghost (spirit). It is clear that the apartment is not haunted; at least I don’t recognize it to be as such. Perhaps it is an imprint in the environment? At this point, I am looking into how to communicate with this figure if I should see it again….

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