The lobby


 Jimmy a student at one of New York City’s expensive collages is a determined student. However in N.Y where most people are always on the go Jimmy needs to make some extra cash to make ends meet. It isn’t easy being a student in the city; money goes to the expense of college life, but what about buying some decent clothes or having some spending money to go out on the town once in a while. The solution for Jimmy was to get a job during the off hours to help make ends meet. Jimmy got himself a job with a security company working the grave yard shift. This was ideal for Jimmy, he could sit at a desk during the late night and do some studying and perhaps he would be able to catch a nap. Then he goes back to the dorm early in the morning, get some rest, go to classes during the afternoon; rest in the late evening then go to the security job at night. This was perfect for him especially since the whole gig is only 3 days a week.

Jimmy’s latest security assignment was in a commercial hi high building on 5th Ave on the outskirts of Greenwich Village. It was one of those buildings that were built in the early 20th century. These types of building are immaculate, marble pillars lined the hallways. Jimmy reported for his midnight to eight shift.  When he arrived the custodian gave him some instruction that he needed to know, then on his way out the custodian said oh, by the way the bathroom is in the back over there and let me know if you see anything.

The night was pretty routine there no employee in the building Jimmy is the only one there and he used the time by sitting at the desk, and taking his books out and studying. But outside on a Friday night in the Village where there are many hangouts and drunks and people under the influence of something walking around. In this part of town those types of people can be very disruptive and have been known to go into buildings and molest the Guards or create havoc that the Police need to get involved. Jimmy did not want to put himself in that position and since no one is coming to work this time of night he decided to lock the doors; that way anyone who wanted to come in would have to knock.

So now it’s after 2 and Jimmy is immersed in his studies that he did not notice a woman walking in his area. She was wearing a brown gown and the only way Jimmy knew she was there is because he got a feeling that someone was approaching. The woman smiled and said hello, I’m just going to my suite in the back just over there past that pillar. Jimmy thought nothing of it and put his head back down into his books. Shortly after that Jimmy took a break; and as he got up to do a little stretching he saw an elegant dressed man and woman go up the stairs, they acknowledged him with a gesture, and Jimmy Dean nodded back to them; then shortly after that another person this time a man appeared and asked Jimmy if he’s seen a woman wearing a brown gown. Jimmy Dean told the man that the woman went in her suite back over there past that pillar.

It wasn’t long before Jimmy had to use the bathroom to relive himself. He followed the instructions that the Custodian gave him and went to the back past the pillar to the toilet’s location. But it he found it strange that when he went past the pillar, all he saw was the toilet and a room full of cleaning supplies. Jimmy scratched his head and wondered where the woman in brown gown’s suite is? But Jimmy Dean did not waste any energy thinking and about this; his mind was on finishing his homework. He got back to the desk to finish up; but it wasn’t long before the elegant dressed man and woman came back down the stairs and they silently exited the building. Jimmy’s mind was on completing his homework so he didn’t think nothing of the fact that the door makes a sound when it opens and close.

 An hour later the sun rose and shined its rays through the glass doors illuminating the lobby. This was the queue for Jimmy to unlock the doors so that the employees can enter the building to go to work. When the Custodian arrived, he asked Jimmy how did the night go and if he’d seen anything. Jimmy Dean told him what took place during the night; the Custodian was speechless and gave Jimmy a dumbfounded look as if what he was told was unbelievable which agitated him but Jimmy did not say anything out of respect.

When Jimmy got back to his dorm and laid down remembering the dumb founded look on the Custodian’s face. Then it hit him! it it just occurred to him that the entrance doors were locked all night so the question is how the hell did those people get in and out the building?

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For Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Photo Prompt 


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