Sword Fight


Sometime during an experience there could be some distortions that fuse either a past life, fantasy and possible intervention from a being on a higher plane of existence. The mind as a way of presenting things that we don’t consciously understand or we are not ready to face. It could be the protective mind at play; or perhaps the whole thing was a fragment of my imagination. I’m still pondering this experience because it happens at the point in time when I started to explore past life regression self-hypnosis.

I was resting on the bed before I went out and while resting I was thinking that I should exteriorize some energy to create the energetic field around my bed.  I did not physically get up and do it, but it was done while I was in an altered state; perhaps a projection manifested because I saw myself in the mirror floating around exteriorizing energy. I went around the bed area in a circle three times exteriorizing the energy; while I was doing that I saw blue waves coming from my fingertips when I circled the mirror.

After that I saw the appearance of three entities; they were attempting to penetrate the energetic field that I created. At first they could not penetrate the field however after a few attempts they managed to get through a weak spot. When they came through the field I found myself holding a sword; also one of the entities turned out to be a companion of mine and he also had a sword; the two other entities also had swords. We all started to engage in a sword fight for some particular reason or another. I recognized the entities that I and my companion were fighting as vampires; and one way to kill a vampire is to slice the throat and cut the head off. I managed to slice the throat of one of the entities. It turned out that the entity was a woman; before I sliced the woman’s throat I was wounded.

I had wounds on my left hand and right arm and my right hip was penetrated. My companion managed to cut the other entity on the neck; the entity was still alive because he was not sliced through the throat. My companion also had life threaten wounds. With all these sword penetrations there was the absence of blood. Then another figure appeared. The figure was wearing a white robe. He came and pointed to the female entity that I killed and said, “you will die,” he then pointed to my companion and said, “you will die,” he then pointed to the male entity that my companion was fighting and said, “you will live, then die,” he pointed to me and said, “you will live.” After that I do not have any more recollection as to what happened…

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