Nowadays I don’t know what is below the surface of my subconscious; this was another night that dreams about my former National Guard unit manifested. I really don’t have much personal contact with members of the unit I serve with. Occasionally I see the ones who are Police Officers. A few of them patrol the areas where I live and work. When they see and notice it’s me, they will stop and say hello. Otherwise most contact with my fellow unit members is mostly on the social media platforms where group communication of events is maintained; and conversations with certain individuals is done on the instant messenger system.

In this dream I was in upper Manhattan at a mechanic’s shop where I saw a member of my unit 258 FA bring his car in for some repairs. However the thing about it was that this particular person lives in Brooklyn. He was looking for a special part for his car. I saw him and asked what is he doing all the way up in this part of town? I didn’t get a clear answer except for he was looking for a car part. The shop told him they will order it but won’t get it for a few days.

The scene shifted I saw that I was a Cop working under cover. There was a big strong young man who mugged an old woman. He punched her in her face and took her pocket book. But we closed in on him and beat him up and took back the pocket book…. Then the scene shifted again to the Police station where it was announced that I will be going off to combat with my Guard unit….

The scene shifted again, this time I saw a storm and it flooded the major highways and thoroughfares in the City. I had to report to the Armory but had no transportation. Someone was sent to get me. The car occupants were the driver and the co-driver in the front seat, me and two more passengers in the back. We start the journey to get to the Park slope Armory from Upper Manhattan.  Yet as we were driving through the streets the neighborhood looked like a combination of neighborhoods throughout the city that were pieced together as though it is one neighborhood.

 Before we got on the highway I saw the unit member who was in the mechanic shop and he was with the group of other unit members that he usually hangs with. They were all sitting on a car with their backs facing us; they had on jackets with the 258 unit crest. The driver stated “what the hell are these 258 members doing here? They should not be here.” I said that he is up here looking for that car part. Then when we got down to the water front to get on the highway; there was a delay because the highway was being cleared. 

The strange thing about it was the way the highway is being cleared.  There was a man hanging upside down from an overpass; his legs were tied to a rope like Harry Houdini. His Supervisor would throw him off the overpass to the cleanup area.  The rope acted like a bungee cord and stretched to the area where the Supervisor flung him too; and he would grab the debris with his arms and when the bungee snapped him back up, he threw the debris passed the supervisor to the dump. I said to myself that “you would never see me do that kind of job.”  

We continued on our journey. The setting was not in the car, I saw that there was hardly any room in the back with the bags and unknown people who were not supposed to be passengers. So I was sitting on the arm rest and so was the other passenger. The driver mentioned that he does not want anyone sitting on the arm rest, it annoyed him and asked us to stop sitting on the arm rest. The other passenger complied immediately, but it was a while before I complied. Then we came to a major highway. It was impassable because it was flooded. The only way a car can get through was to go at a certain speed to glide (hydroplane) on the flooded waters. Then the driver mentioned the only way that the car can get that speed is if he put it in reverse. The engine had more power when the gear is put on reverse.   

He turned the car around and put it in reverse. We all looked out the rear window. The driver said he cannot steer the steering wheel and look out the rear window at the same time going at that speed.  He told the co-driver that he would have to steer. He would tell him whether to turn left or right. So now the car was moving at a great speed in reverse to glide on top of the flood water. Each time a curve or turn was needed to be done the driver told the co-driver to turn left or right. The turns were done at the last minute and looking at it from the rear window it looked very scary.

The dream did not concluded it was just looping into an endless journey traveling in the car in reverse at a speed to make it glide on top of water with the driver making sure the route was clear and the co-driver navigating making the turns when the driver yells left or right; the turns navigated at the last minute…..

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