After a day acting in my role as a gov’t bureaucrat in the gov’t office building I dropped off my fellow gov’t bureaucrat home and drove to the pizza spot in the area. I quickly found a parking outside the pizza spot. I started feeling the effects of dealing with energy vampires masqueraded as recipients of gov’t benefits and negativity of certain things that took place during the hours of conducting gov’t bureaucracy. The feeling of drained of energy; after I parked the car it is when the energy drain really hit me.

 It was an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion; it just came over and weighted down on my body. I could not move for a couple of minutes. I really had no choice in the matter; the body decided that since I did not get enough rest or relaxed to keep up the energy that is needed to function, it would involuntary rest. This is something that has plagued me during the years when I was an active participant in the military.  I discovered during boot camp that my body will shut down un-expectantly if I deprived it of adequate energy to function.  At times I felt handicapped during field training  exercises when sleep deprivation or a usage of an enormous amount of energy usually have me falling asleep involuntary during instruction or in meetings. But the strange thing is that I still retained the memory of what was said while the body was in shut down mode. They always wondered why I still got high marks when they knew I was asleep during instruction. They were ready to fail and humiliate me but it was contrary because I always passed the exam phase being among the top 5% of the class; so they couldn’t do anything about it. I know some people hated me for it; certain opportunities did not manifest for me because of it. Those in charge of opening doors to opportunities mad it hard for me to truly advance how I wanted too. But after really pondering things, giving my attitude, difference in philosophies with other Soldiers; it was as though I was never meant to join the military. I guess that is another story for another time.

In my car in the parking spot on a dark poorly lighted street outside the pizza joint, all I could hear was the recording of Louis Farrakhan’s voice of his latest Savior’s day sermon that was playing over the car’s radio. As my eyes closed I felt the car shake as though someone bumped it. When I picked my head up I saw the figure of two men in the space between the car in front of me and the front end of my car. It looked like they were crossing the street. I felt the car shake as though it was being bumped again, I looked up again and this time I saw a third figure. Sometimes, it does not occur to me that I was in a dream state because the feeling felt as though it is happening in real time. I knew my eyes were closed and I knew I saw the figures of two men the first time I felt the car being bumped. When I felt car being bump the second time I opened my eyes and when I did I saw that there was no one else around. Then it occurred to me that I was in the dream state and that there is nothing to be worried about that someone is attempting to open the car door in the physical.

When I closed my eyes again, the experience picked up where it left off. I saw the figures of the three men in the space between my car and the car in front of me, like they are crossing the street. The figures were dark; they were like black dense silhouettes. But then one of the men turned and faced my car, he was very tall. Then he climbed on the hood of my car. I could even feel the car shake with the weight of the person on top of the hood. Then he came over and opened the rear door and one by one the three figures got in the car. When they were sitting in the back seat their features began to show.

They were all tall but the one on the right; the one who initially opened the door was exceptionally tall. At this point, I was not too happy that these figures got in my car without being invited in. I wanted them out.

 It is strange that I could still hear Louis Farrakhan’s voice saying something about uncovering Satan. Then an idea popped in my head something to do with immobilizing them with the power of suggestion or my eyes. So I looked at them with my eyes wide open; I hear the figures laugh they thought what I was doing was hilarious. Then all of a sudden the laughter stopped, they were immobilized and their eye pupils (which were dark black) turned up into their heads and their eyes turned white. I decided to do some type of attack. The attack was directed to their faces. It looked like the attack did not affect the two tallest beings; the one on the right and the one in the middle. However the being on the left his face was sliced into two. I saw the sliced part of his face slide down to his chest. The other two were just immobilized and unable to move. Maybe this will teach them a lesson……

the thing is I never saw them exit the car; cannot recall if they ever did before I took myself out the experience. Still feeling a bit drained of energy; I had to get in my order before the pizza shop close for the night….

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