Jabber The Mail Clerk

 During my lunch break I decided to get a sandwich from the corner and since my car was parked a few feet away instead of going back to the gov’t building to eat the sandwich in the gov’t bureaucrat’s lounge I decide eat the sandwich and have a quiet moment in the car.

I turned on the engine so that he heat could warm up the car. When this was happening I reclined the seat and did a deep breathing to get bit more relaxed. I closed my eyes while deep breathing. Then I felt as though the car started to move, the car started to pick up speed and it felt like the car was going at least 40 miles per hour. I quickly opened my eyes to stop the car before an accident happens. When my eyes opened the car was still parked with the engine idling to keep the heat warm. OK, again I forgot that I was in the midst of a lucid experience.

I went back and closed my eyes again and it wasn’t long before I felt the same sensation of the car moving by it; this time I found that I saw the image of the mileage on the speedometer indicating that I am traveling miles and miles at great speed. The steering wheel started to turn all the way to the left, then all the way to the right while the mileage indicated each time the steering wheel turned the rate of travel increases. Then I said to myself that I need to stop the steering wheel from moving, again it was not the case in realty.

After the steering wheel experience was over, I found that I was back in the gov’t building and one of the managing gov’t bureaucrats’ asked me to pick up a package. I went to the mail depot and was looking for the package. I went to the shipping clerk and asked him if he could bring out the gov’t package.  But before I could get the package, Ms. C a fellow gov’t bureaucrat showed up at the mail depot.

Ms. C likes me and is always flirting to advertise that she is an available woman. I think she is a tacky woman and pay her no mind. I have no idea why my subconscious created her image in this experience.  She always call to ask question and look for information that she should know given how many years she has been a gov’t bureaucrat. In this experience Ms. C is acting how she normally acts, flirting and attempting to make small talk about things that does not interest me.

 In this experience she asked me something about how to handle a taxpayer’s situation. I gave her an answer to her question then she disappeared for a brief moment. Then she reappeared and when she reappeared she had a package with her.  The package was very important containing sensitive information about the tax payer. The package with that type of information should go via interoffice mail not through the regular mail. I told Ms. C that she is taking a big chance sending the package out through the regular mail. She said it is a chance that she is willing to take.

We walked up to a clerk and handed him the package; the clerk was a big fat dude. In fact his appearance looked very similar to jabber the Hutt the big fat Star Wars character or that demon character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Either way those characters looked alike. The exception was that the mail clerk was a bit smaller than the slobs of a character like jabber the Hutt. However the features were similar. Now after we handed the package to the clerk, Ms. C went to the side of the desk and the clerk greeted Ms. C and she was flirting with him, they began to kiss. It was a passionate kiss that lasted for a few minutes; to me it looked disgusting, however It was as though Ms. C allowed the clerk to kiss her in such a manner to make me jealous because I really do not want anything to do with her and she thought that I would change my mind. I did not have that type of reaction.

She went back in front of the clerk’s desk, he had to finish process the package so that it could be delivered. While the clerk was doing the processing, he stopped and grabbed Ms. C and pulled her towards him. He put her on his lap, and was feeling on her legs. Then he put his big legs on top of hers making her unable to get up and started to put his hands down her pants and was fondling her private parts. It looked like Ms. C did not want to have nothing to do with the mail clerk, but I find it hard to believe given the type of woman she is. I said to Ms. C why are you surprised that this is happening to you; isn’t it what you asked for…

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