During my stint at the second gig, things were slow I was sitting at the desk when I found that I was in between the sleep and awake state; I started to hear whispers. I glanced over to the cracked door where I could see the reception counter. I saw two figures one of them looked like a client DS they were putting something on the reception counter. It is unknown if the figures were actual people or if it was subjective moment.

I kind of got out of state a bit but then I went back into state of being between sleep and awake. Then I heard the whispers again. I perceived someone entering the room; I could hear their feet on the floor as they were walking. I moved my head to the direction where I heard the person waking. He stopped and was waiting. Then I saw a Nurse sitting at a table behind me. I saw that the environment was different. There was a locker instead of a cabinet behind me. The Nurse had blue scrubs on and latex gloves. She stretched her right hand out as if she wanted me to take her by the hand.

At first I did not want to hold her hand. But nevertheless, I did. I took my right hand and held her right hand; when she held my hand I physically felt as though someone who had rough sandy hands squeezed my hand.   Then she went behind the locker and was dragging me along with her. Then I heard her ask if she can kiss me. I said no. I resisted being dragged behind the locker and did not end up going behind the locker. Then I heard the suggestion that maybe if she was physical I will want to kiss her. Then the locker door flew open and I saw the a bunch of Nurses scrubs hanging up along with other items in the locker……

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