Time Warp on The Bridge

My brother came to pick me up in his car; we were going into Manhattan to do something; when we got to the Brooklyn Bridge, the approach ramp to the bridge was flooded. It looked like a river was on the approach ramp. My brother was still driving the car but stopped at the edge of the water. We got out of the car and decided to swim across the bridge. We swam in the water that was on the approach ramp and when we got to the bridge itself there was no water on the bridge. We walked on the bridge; it seemed that the further we went on the bridge the scenery changed as if we were walking back in time. To the right on the bridge two stores popped up one store looked like it was destroyed in an earth quake, but the other store was intact.

Then I saw that some people were trapped against a wall. One person was caught between the walls and was crushed to death. The other person also looked like he was dead from falling down. This was a result of the earthquake. Then there was a time warp; I was transported back to the moment the earth quake was taking place and I saw the person fall between the wall and just before the walls came together to crush the person I pulled him out saving his life. I didn’t see the other person..

Then there was some type of maintenance taking place on the bridge; there was someone in a bubble hosting it up and down the bridge. It was like an amusement park ride. I went in the bubble and I found that I was the operator transporting people up and down the bridge…

This experience was distorted and events all over the place. I did not record it right away so there are details of this dream that didn’t make conscience sense the experience are linked and there was a connection going from one experience to another.     

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