Who’s There

On this particular morning I got up, put on my sweats and went out the door so that I could move my car before I get a ticket. When I got to the parking spot, my car was gone. It was 6:05 am, even though the car had to be moved by 6:00 am the bastards towed my car instead of writing a ticket.  Now the main agenda of the day was determined. 

Later on during the day I retrieved my car from the NYPD pound I brought some unsweetened ice t and came home to get some rest before going to a meeting at the Union office to be briefed and pick up my travel documents.  The government employees Union picked me to be and 5 other people to represent the local at a convention in San Antonio, Texas. It was a reward for my activities as Union Delegate to my fellow government bureaucrats. The Union President said, attend a conference or two, otherwise do what you want and have a nice time.

Before leaving to go to the meeting I decided to to take the next 30 minutes to relax and replenish my energy.  I was lying on the bed; it didn’t feel that I was asleep but in a semi trance state. Then the phenomenon of body asleep and mind awake took place. I could hear my breathing in a sleep state. Then I heard someone come into the room, I the footsteps, I was waiting until whoever came into the room come through the drapes that divide the room into two.

No one came through I just heard the footsteps and heard the closet door open as if the person was changing their clothes. Then I looked at the clock; it was almost 5:30pm and I have to be in Manhattan at least by 6:15 pm. I need to get up but I did not want to get up without seeing who entered the room. I could see the drapes were closed, but the person is stamping their feet. I could see an attempt was being made to open the drapes so that whoever is there will come into the half of the room where the bed is and that I could see who is there. There was a half ass attempt to open the drapes. All I can hear is the person stamping their feet like he is marching in place. I could hear my body snore as if to signal whoever was there that I am sleeping and that he can come in; After a while perhaps 5 minutes I said to myself, I have to get out of here otherwise I will be late for the meeting. It took a minute but the mind woke up the body and when the body and mind was back in sync, I saw that the drapes were not completely closed and that the room was empty.

After pondering this experience; I realized that maybe it was a sleep paralysis moment. That who I perceived that entered the room was a fragment of my imagination. It is ironic because when I had in my mind that I need to get up whoever was there began to stamp his feet as though he is marching in place was maybe attempting to wake me up so that I can  leave to make it to the meeting on time; acting like it was an alarm.  I also realized that since I dabbled into the Silva Mind Control I have learned to be more lucid while in the alpha state and that I often have the body asleep mind awake experience. Next time I have the mind awake- body asleep I need to be aware and see if I can actually control the perception of who is there….     

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