Coming in after a hanging out at night I laid down in bed, I did not feel like taking up and folding up the laundry that I dumped on the bed before leaving to go out for the evening, I just shoved them to the other side of the bed. I had a lot to drink and hoped that I don’t feel any side effects during the day. Before I went to sleep there some thoughts came to my head about  the short story I wrote called the Plot; I want to write some more tales perhaps similar or something like what we see on the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. Tales that border on the supernatural, paranormal, and science fiction, except that those types of tales don’t have to be strictly science fiction it can be more of a combination of science fiction and the paranormal. Thinking what should I write for other challenges and I would like to write another book.

 I’m not too sure when I drifted off to sleep but I saw images and was an active participant in the experience. It seems the scene was influenced by the Shinning. I was being showed around a hotel by one of the hotel’s staff member it was me and I was with a woman I felt was my wife and two children. I felt their presence even though I did not physically observe them. Then we came to the floor where some murders took place. The staff member said whatever you see on this floor do not go into any of the rooms.

We walked past one room the door was half opened and music was playing, the staff member threw something in the room and closed the door. I asked what is going on?  The staff member said it’s nothing and closed the door. Then there were triplets; and they appeared with other children. A big shadow person appeared in front of the children. He was their Guardian. He is there to protect the children so nothing will happen to them even though they are already dead. Then it was revealed how they died I saw the children butchered by one of the hotel guest that was in the party room. He had an axe, but it looked like he didn’t kill all of the children. The whole murder scene started to play out.

The axe man wielding the axe, then another man intervened.  I saw the person that was intervening was me. So now I’m watching myself defending the children against the axe man. I had two thick sticks a quarter size of a rod. The same sticks that people training in the Filpino knife fighting system use to train with; I was doing the knife fighting moves that I see my friend P does when he trains. I blocked the axe with the stick in my left hand, and hit the axe man’s fingers with the stick in my right hand. The axe man dropped the axe then I hit him on the left side of his head with the stick in my left hand, and then I hit him on the right side of his head with the stick in my right hand; his head busted open and he fell to the floor. Then the cops busted in and they thought I was the one who butchered the children and they opened fire and killed me.

After seeing those images I heard a voice mention that the cops messed up; shooting me because they thought a black man did the murders. So now I was made the protector of children whether the children was dead or alive. I will appear to make sure nothing happens to any children from rouge spirits and living mad men.

Then the scene shifted back has being the person shown around the hotel. The hotel employee took me and my family up to the hotel management office on the upper floors. My wife and I was to sign the contract to look after the place. Then I went to the window and was looking out of the it and some thoughts came to my mind that made me think that the hotel employees were not being sincere so I told my wife we are not taking the job and not to sign anything.

I told her let’s get out of here.  We went on the elevator. The strange thing about this elevator instead of going down it went in a circle. Then it stopped on a floor and a woman got in. For some reason the kids got out and ran on the floor. I was holding the elevator and telling the kids to come on back. The woman who got on the elevator told me not to hold the elevator so long it will affect the other elevators.  The elevator was shaking; I could not hold it any longer. Then I heard the kids say they are taking the other elevator down; I did not like that they were taking another elevator separate from my wife and me, but could not do anything about it at that point in time. I had to let the elevator doors go. But since I held for a long period of time the elevator became defective and wouldn’t move. 

The woman said, you see I told you holding the doors would affect how it worked. The other elevator with the kids wasn’t working too well either and now nobody knows what floor it will end up on; and our elevator was not moving. Then I looked up and saw a clog wheel and that the cable was not on it properly. I stretched up and pulled the clog wheel down and put the cable on the clog wheel so that the elevator could move. I was successful and the elevator went down to the hotel lobby.

Then I noticed the woman in the elevator disappeared; it turned out she was a spirit. The spirits in the hotel did not want me to leave; a message was sent out and my wife and I were transported back to the hotel’s management office. I do not know where the kids were but my wife was encouraging me to leave and get out of there.

I left the management office and made it down to the lobby.  When I was going to leave the hotel’s entrance door blue tape appeared to stop anyone from leaving. Then I saw the revolving door and dashed into it; the revolving door stopped at the entrance allowing me to leave before the blue tape that prevented anyone from leaving would appear across the entrance.  

Once outside, I looked back and saw balls of light leave the people that was in the lobby. It seems that spirits took over their bodies and when the spirits left as balls of light the physical bodies fell to the ground. I was in the parking lot running to my vehicle and the balls of light chasing me to stop me from leaving the grounds. I got in the vehicle and was speeding out the lot; I saw that the balls of light took over some living people’s body and they got in other vehicles to stop me.

 One of them blocked the exit with a truck; but I anticipated that they were going to block the exit so I tricked them and was heading to the entrance to the lot. When they saw I was going to the far entrance instead of the exit one of them got in a big bulldozer and drove it to block the entrance; when I was just about to exit the lot through the entrance the bulldozer blocked it off and I crashed into the bulldozer.  After that happened I found I was back in the hotel’s management office watching the after match of the crash. I saw the bulldozer driver jump out the bulldozers cab a big muscular man then the spirit that took over his body exited the body and the man’s body fell to the ground. The spirit that took over his body said “what a waste, he could have made the Olympics.”     

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