There are some places where you get a whiff of the scent you know you won’t smell that scent anywhere else. Take for instance, in my town there are two things that stand out; one is coffee and the other is homeless people.

Yes right here in New York City we have the extremes and everything in between. This town where you see the rich and poor living side by side; and it is a common sight seeing some homeless slob sleeping in front of buildings where millionaires and rich celebrities live.

Then there is the other thing that stands out in this town; its coffee. During the rush hour on the subway you’ll see every other person with a coffee cup in their hand. Whether it is a Styrofoam, cardboard, or metal flask, people on the go want their caffeine.

Then there are the coffee shops. From small street vendors, selling their coffee and sweet rolls; to the big commercial coffee shop chains like Dunkin Donuts and Star bucks.

Maybe you have guessed it by now; but I have to tell ya about the usual scent that you may not find anywhere else in the world.  But it is a common thing here in the Big Apple. But first you may have to close your eyes and engage your imagination.

Just imagine walking into a neighborhood coffee shop; inside is warm with the beautiful aroma of fresh coffee; now, if you can imagine the smell of unwashed feet, and body odor.

Now like the ingredients of a cake; mixed them together and stir; now what do you smell..


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