Earth Thriving

Mike Tyson said something interesting on his pod cast series called “Hot boxin with Mike Tyson.” He said “if the all the animals died the earth will suffer; if all the trees died the earth will suffer, if all humans died, the earth will thrive.”  

Well this got me thinking about a bunch of reports that is coming around the globe now that human beings have curtailed their activity in response to battling the unseen menace that is giving the name COVID-19 Corona Virus.

In the United States; Los Angles the city known for having a cloud of smog and haze has reported that the air has been clear and free of smog and the cleanest that it has ever been recorded since records on Los Angles was kept.

In the Italian City of Venice, it has been reported that the murky water is now so clear that it is possible to see straight down to the bottom. The decreased activity on the water ways has allowed the sediment to settle down to the bottom of the water. It seems that the City is returning to how it looked in an unspoiled state. Even the wild life is coming back. Ducks and swans have been spotted swimming around. Entire schools of fish can be seen swimming. A local Fisherman described the waters of being like a pond now that the waves cause by river traffic is no longer present.

In South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the roads are so still that lions have been seen sleeping on the open road instead of sleeping in their usual place in the tall grass. Other animals have also been seen in the open in the absence of human activity.

In Wales in the United Kingdom; sheep and rams have been seen roaming the deserted streets of villages. Also In Israel wild boars have been seen on the deserted streets…

Other places around the globe has reported s reemerging wild life; improvement of rivers and air quality. What does it tell us? Will humans heed this message?          


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