Spirit Machine

This was another strange experience which I really do not make any sense to me. I don’t know what influenced the subconscious to construct the characters that the images represented.

The experience began when  I put myself in a relaxed state and the images that came to me started with me walking in some type of market place. I was looking for some items to buy when I saw LB one of my fellow government bureaucrat workers. This one used to be an administrative bureaucrat who was recently demoted back down either to a supervising or managing bureaucrat because of some type of misconduct. But in this experience she was fired.

She was walking with her wife BW who is a retired government bureaucrat who I also knew; I met her way before she met LB.  I waved to them; BW acknowledged me but LB did not. She ignored me and kept on walking. I wondered why after all these years that she is giving me the cold shoulder.

Then I ran into them again and I stopped them and asked LB why did she give me the cold shoulder.  She said that it was my fault; that I had a hand in her firing and she felt betrayed; and that she doesn’t want anything to do with me.

I told LB what she heard was not true, and I got it on good authority that the reason she got fired had nothing to do with the misconduct that she was engaging in.

I told her that the executive government bureaucrats actually liked her; and wanted to give her one of the administrative positions that would have put her in charge of an entire city wide program. But her tendency of harassing workers for no good reason came and bit her in the ass.

The executive government bureaucrats decided that she was more of a liability then an asset. Even though they liked her, they knew that if she was put into that executive position that she would make life for a lot of government workers hell.

With concerns over the welfare of the worker force, the executive government bureaucrats decided to can her instead. 

Then the scene shifted to some sort of formal banquet. It was a gov’t bureaucrat dinner sponsored by the government bureaucrat agency. I saw that I was getting a meal. Then LB and some hench men busted in the banquet hall and was holding everyone hostage.

The musician started to play his cello; his wife who was the star performer also started to play her instrument, but she was playing it terrible. The cello player said, how could this be; this isn’t my wife.

Then the spirit who possessed the wife revealed itself coming out the wife’s body. It was an executive gov’t bureaucrat who also got the axe because of LB’s illegal activities.  

Come to find out, the executive wasn’t really a spirit; a machine gave her that form temporary. Now that she left the cello player’s wife; she opened the door for LB and her hench men to run up into the banquet hall to hold everyone attending the banquet hostage.

So now the executive couldn’t get back into her own physical. The machine appeared and she was in the machine. But it failed and she was not made physical again.

The executive got upset and blamed LB. She turned on her; and she brought LB to the machine. But since I had an idea what the machine does. I told the executive to go back into the machine.  That LB can be used as a resistance load for it to work.

Using LB as a resistance load, the executive went into the machine and I turned it on. But it looked like the machine was out of whack; instead of the executive spiritual body turning back into the physical. It turned LB into a spirit; LB’s spiritual form and the executive’s spiritual body merged. 

They were one whole spiritual body for a few minutes. Then the executive’s body separated from LB’s spiritual body and she became a physical being again.

Then after a few minutes; LB’s body turned back into a physical body….

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