Extra Sense

The question is “ do you believe in ESP? Or is what some suggest to be ESP merely that there are people who are highly intuitive and are very good at reading people’s subtle signals?”

The acronym ESP means Extra Sensory Perception.”  And when there is talk about ESP, the impression that comes in mind is one that is implanted by Hollywood movies. At this point while pondering reading this message. Remove the Hollywood impression from your mind and engage your brain’s gear.

Now understand that there are aspects of communication; verbal and non-verbal. Virtually all lessons in face to face communication will tell you that there are more non-verbal communication then verbal that takes place during a face to face conversation. But what every communication lessons, books and experts won’t say is that while you are communicating with someone there is also an exchange of energy.

So let me give you an example of real life ESP communication. Have you ever thought about something, and just as that thought came to your head; your wife, partner, significant other came in the room, and told you the exact idea that popped in your head. How about when you had company, and you were talking, you started a sentence and your wife, partner, significant other finished your sentence. Or was there a time when you both looked at each other; no words exchanged, but you both know what the other is thinking and acted on it accordingly.

The other example is being on a team. After a while a sort of unit cohesion develops, especially if you live side by side, or experience life and death situations like members of an Infantry unit. All members start to think alike, have similar ideas, and have the same solution to a challenge. The word the military uses is “esprit de corps.”  

Well, if anyone has experience what was described above; “congratulations,” you had an ESP experience, whether you recognized it to be or not. This type of energy exchange know no bounds. Ask any mother who feels that their child is in need of assistance while she is at work; usually their feelings are spot on.

The Silva Method will tell you that human beings are hard wired with what is being called ESP. I’ve heard it from other sources also. The thing is at this stage in the human experience our brain’s physical development has the ability to perform telepathic communication, clear clairvoyance, and precognition, however the abilities are not fully developed. Plus, organized religion often frowns on the notion and teach that the human being does not possess the ability.   

True_George’s response to this question is that ESP is not a matter of belief, but a condition of development.

 Fandango’s provocative  question #73.

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  1. Providing I feel something fairly strongly, I can transmit it to others – very helpful on quiz teams to give them the answer! Also very helpful before I gave up men as I could get their attention instantly if I fancied someone.

    I can also make myself ‘invisible’ (really, unnoticeable) when I’m passing by people I don’t trust by somehow shielding my brainwaves/presence etc. from them.

    I used to practice thought transmission on my mother. I used to give her headaches and also menace her from outside the bathroom door. She shouldn’t have known I was there but she could sense waves of ‘evil’ coming from me (I was only playing but it was probably quite a nasty sensation). Mind you, my mother is quite ‘psychic’ too so that probably helped…

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  2. “Have you ever thought about something, and just as that thought came to your head; your wife … told you the exact idea that popped in your head?”

    Yes, that happens between me and my wife all the time, but I chalk that up to the fact that we’ve been married for 42 years and have a life full of shared experiences and similar ways of thinking.

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