I just finished watching Batman Vs Superman for the first time. Originally I thought it was lame, and never paid it any mind when it first came out; this is because Batman has no Super powers and pound for pound is no match for Superman. But of course, I should have known that what Batman lacks in super strength, he makes up with brain power; always out thinking his opponents. Superman is dumb compared to Batman. But the movie also portrayed Superman with low self-esteem.

It was late in the early morning at 5:00am when I finished watching that movie and before turning in, I did put some finishing touches on my latest book.  

After I turned in, and was relaxing; the usual phoneme of body asleep and mind awake took place. I felt something on the bed. My thoughts were it feels like a cat. I kind of felt the shape and to confirm it was a cat. I trapped it and squeezed its head. I even heard it meow. I wondered if any of my previous cats who I had over the years that died was attached to me. Then I heard some footsteps; the last time I heard footsteps was when someone came to do some sort of intrusion. This alarmed me and got me out of state. 

I attempted to get back into the dream state, and each time I heard the footsteps. My thoughts were I wish I can see them. My poor eyesight make it impossible to see clearly in the darken room. I decided to put on my glasses to see what if it will affect what I see while in state.  

When I put on my glasses, all the dark areas in the room and dark shadows all looked lighter. Now there is no more awe of mystery. I went back in state and felt my body floating. It was going to the direction of the window which was on the right side of the bed. My head started to go through the wall, but when it hit my glasses the presence of it stopped the rest of my body from going through the wall. I was just floating and not moving.

Maybe it was a good thing, and then I moved back onto the bed. When I turned onto my left side, I saw that on that side of the bed, the presence of a door with a slanted door handle. The door was closed. Then it disappeared….

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