Gold Diggers

A series of social experiments were conducted; it was designed to settle debates that there are women out there who won’t give a dude the time of day if he doesn’t have some sort of material worth. Well, many women, in fact almost all say it just isn’t true. So the debate drags on, but if you look at it, only a man who lacks experience will get into this senseless debate with women; men of a certain age and experience will let the behavior speak for itself.

This set up begins with a regular well dressed dude sighting the object of his desire, and approaches her in an acceptable and respectful manner. He expresses himself and how he feels, and would like to get to know this person better, perhaps over coffee, lunch or dinner.

She looks him over and decides to tell him that she would love to go out and get to know him better, but she can’t because she has a boyfriend that she is happy with, and does not want to jeopardize the relationship.

No matter what the dude says, no matter how much he pours his heart out; she just won’t budge and swears loyalty to this boyfriend.

The dude decides to concede; and walk away. He goes to get in his car which happens to be 2020 Mercedes AMG C 63 Cabriolet costing over $100,000. She looks at it in awe and slides up to the car after the dude is getting ready to turn on the engine. Now she really wants to get to know him; also expressing that she is ready to leave the boyfriend for some cotton bull reason.    

The dude looks her up and down, and in his mind he has just discovered her true nature; and decides she just isn’t worth it because she is a gold digger….a materialistic perhaps avarice of a woman. He pities the fool who that makes her his woman.

Maybe this is a poor example; maybe not; well like the O G says; it’s the behavior that says it all:

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  1. Hmmm – maybe an American thing? For a start, if someone had a car THAT colour here, they wouldn’t get NEAR a woman LOL! But seriously… for myself, I’ve always relied on MY money and had no interest in other people’s money. My measure of whether a man’s worth going out with (apart from whether I’m attracted to them of course) is sense of humour coupled with intelligence. And also doing a technical job so I can converse with them! I couldn’t go out with a builder or suchlike – sexy as many of them look!


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