I saw the entrance to a park that resembles Prospect Park in New York City; there was somebody who was a figure that didn’t resemble anyone I know in particular; he was at the entrance selling drugs when he got caught by a cop in plain clothes.  The cop arrested him and they were having a conversation; the cop spoke and was saying something and the figure he arrested was finishing his sentences. Then figure spoke and the Cop started to finish his sentences. They realized that they had something in common and it seemed a friendship was beginning to form. But the Cop still walked the figure in handcuffs to answer for the drug selling violation.

Then I saw that I was a passenger in a car, or perhaps I was driving the car going a down a hilly thoroughfare. There was a bottle neck. Someone was doing a yoga pose standing on one leg in the middle of the road, and all the cars slowed down to go around this person. But the driver of my car felt that the person should not be in the middle of the road and decided to go straight to see if he’ll break the pose and move out the way.

The person didn’t move and the car went around him at the last minute. Then as the car was driving away on the road the car turned into a large piece of paper. The more the driver accelerated the wind kept the paper form moving away. The paper was suspended in the air but could not got anywhere.  The man doing the yoga pose said “that’s what you get for not being humble and patient.”

Then the scene shifted to some type of dormitory where I was staying along with the figure that got arrested. The figure also had his dog stay with him. Then I saw the figure in an empty room, and someone threw him a Police badge.  Then I heard someone mentioned, “You’re a Cop now.”

The figure was glad that he was moving out; he can now afford to live elsewhere.  He took his dog and was leaving the dormitory.  Before he left he started to make fun of my underpants calling it the fruit of the loom underpants that high school students wear.

When he left, the others in the dormitory were asleep; then three people entered the dormitory. They were gunmen looking for revenge. It seemed that one of the gunmen’s partners was killed and the head gunman thinks the person who killed his partner is in the dormitory. He put guns to heads of three of the dormitory residents and shot them.

Then he put the gun to my head while I was sleeping and I was shot.  I heard one of the gunmen say, “how do you know if you shot the right one.” The head gunman said that he doesn’t know or care.

The figure who is now a Cop was one of the ones responding to the murder.  But even though I was shot, I could still hear what was going on; I heard the Police talking about some type of investigation…. 

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

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