Evading Capture

I was not that tired when I laid down. After a while I felt myself floating above my body. When I went up higher I couldn’t help but notice that the environment looked like an operating room. I looked below and I saw a body on a table surrounded by people doing a medical examination. I went in to take a closer look to see if I was the one being examined. It wasn’t clear to me who was on that examination table. 

But then I noticed that the people doing the examination were not human beings. They had the body of a humanoid from the neck down, but from the neck up they looked like some kind of animal. They didn’t look like a reptile, although they could have been. It was more like a small hippo face, with a full set of teeth; or perhaps a shark.

I hoovered around observing what they were doing, when one of them noticed that I was there watching them. Then I saw two then three of them started to float up towards me. Perhaps they were guards that one of the examiners alerted. So I floated up higher to evade them.

But they were still coming after me. I even attempted to stop them by doing an energy blast; but it didn’t slow them down. I came up on a solid object and I phased through it and was on the other side of the object.

On the other side of the object there were more of the beings and they were about to capture me. An idea popped into my head; since I could phase through solid object, I thought since those beings are also solid maybe I could phase through them to evade from being captured.

I phased my hand through the nearest one; when that happened, the being dropped like a stone to the ground. I did the same thing to another one; this is when I discovered that I now have a weapon. Phasing my hand through them will kill them.

The beings kind of backed off and I made my escape….

It is still a mystery how I got to be in that place; was I abducted and was next in line to be examined. Even so it does not explain how I was able to float up undetected. There is probably more to this then I could remember….

© 2020 All Rights Reserved

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